5 Writing Therapy Exercises That Can Ease Your Pain



It’s amazing how a simple act of putting word to paper can help heal a person.  Writing therapy is a process where writing is used to help a person express his or her feelings on paper. In the process of writing, the patient is able to focus on the inner-self and release the heavy and sometimes painful feelings that they cannot express through other means. The therapy can be conducted individually, as a group or under the guidance of a therapist.

When can writing therapy be applied?

Just like other forms of therapies that are used to heal different ailments, therapeutic writing is used to help a person get out of a mental state that makes him feel rejected, neglected, fearful and so on. The therapy is carried out by having the patient write articles or unsent letters to the persons that may have put him or her in that mental situation. The imagined recipients may be dead or alive, and the writing is followed by imagined replies from those people.

5 Writing Therapy Exercises

  • Write a Letter to Yourself

Everyone talks to themselves inside their heads. Writing down your conversations with yourself onto paper helps clarify your thought processes and leads to better understanding and healing.

  • Write Letters to Others

If someone has upset you, you can write a letter expressing all of your thoughts and feelings. Be totally honest and allow yourself to express exactly what you really want to say. But don’t actually send the letter. You could also imagine the person responding to your letter and writing back to you.

  • Write a Poem

Express your thoughts and feelings using poetic words and rhythms. Use a dictionary to find just the right words to convey your experience.

  • Free Writing

Give yourself 10, 15 or 20 minutes and simply write down everything that comes to mind. Just write non-stop; Do not judge, correct or stop. Get everything out onto paper!

  • Mind Mapping

Drawing Mind Maps can help you untangle stressed-out thoughts. Starting in the middle, write down you main problem. You then add branches to this that get more into the specific aspects of your problem.

So if you are feeling stressed or have a problem you would like to solve, why not have a go at some writing therapy exercises like those above?

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