How To Write A Personal Vision Statement

Creating your own personal vision statement is a powerful process. It represents who you are, and it reflects your future life, in the way you want it to be. Writing down your goals, your wishes and desires, the way you see life for yourself, can be a powerful tool in achieving all of these. Motivational experts say that putting down into words the things that have the biggest value for you can actually bring you closer to them.

The personal vision statement is a declaration that will lead your life. So take your time in reflecting on the most important aspects in life for you in areas such as; work, friendships, relationships, spirituality and leisure. Also remember that your personal vision statement can change, according to the changes that occur during your lifetime. But you will be amazed how many will still remain steady.

Here are the things you should reflect about, before starting to create your vision statement:

  • Think about ten things you enjoy most. Choose things that make this world a more pleasant place for you.
  • Think about three things that you like doing every day of your life. Consider the ones that make your work more fulfilling.
  • Establish five, maybe six, values that are crucial for you.
  • Take every aspect of your life: career, family, spirituality, physical, social relationship, finances and so on. Set a goal for each aspect of your life.
  • If you would never have to work again in your life, what would you do with the remaining days of your life?
  • If your life is about to end, what is your biggest regret? Things you haven’t seen, or achieved, or done.
  • Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses; the way others see them and the way you perceive them in yourself.

After gaining a clear image of all these aspects, you can start composing your personal vision statement. Some specialists say 50 words or less, are enough. Some say that a better particularisation of your goals and vision is more helpful, and the statement should not cramp in word count. Maybe the best way is to make your statement long enough to include all of your dreams, plans, goals and visions about life. It will become the compass that will guide you every time you feel lost and don’t know what the right direction is.

Always write the vision statement in first person so you identify with it fully. The vision statement should be about the goals you hope to achieve in the future, and you should write about them as if they are already starting to take place in the present moment.

Take the time to write your personal vision statement. It is a document that will have great power in your life and will provide you with excellent motivational support, if you write it well. Make a deep introspection about yourself and your deepest desires. Never write down what others say you should do. Follow your inner guidance and write down only the dreams that will make you happy. Be sincere and honest with yourself and the chance for them to come true are significantly high.

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