When You Need A Little Help – Ten Tips To Pull You Through


Tip 1: What makes you really happy? What lights you up? What activities make ‘time disappear?’ For some it is painting. Others making music, cooking, running, surfing.

Think about one of your favourite pastimes and then ask yourself, “What is important about this?”, “What do I value about this?”

eg) I feel at one with the world. Giving to others. Exhilaration. Absorption.

Answering these questions reveals your values – Deeply meaningful and motivating drives within yourself which give rise to natural happiness!

Tip 2: Goals! You’ve heard it before but it’s true. All the successful people in the world set goals. Come up with a big inspiring Goal. Now break it down into ‘bite size’ chunks or sub goals. Set deadlines for each sub goal. Take action right away on the first stepping stone towards the big goal. You will feel an increasing sense of achievement and happiness with each step!

And Remember: It’s been discovered that simply writing a goal down increases your chance of achieving it by 1000%. Yes you read that right, that’s 10 Times!

Tip 3: Hang around with happy people. Seek out happy people. And throughout the day, when you see or hear something that makes you feel good ‘tap it into your 3rd eye.’ (This also helps establish a good habit for the way you view the world.)

Tip 4: Things go wrong. Self pity and dwelling on the negative are a waste of time and energy though.

A good rule of thumb is the idea that “There is No Failure, Only Feedback.” Or in other words you can always learn something useful from any experience if you just look for it.

That’s where empowering questions come in useful:

  • “What can I learn from this experience?”
  • “If I knew what I needed to learn from this experience in order to let go of all the resentment, what would that be?”
  • “What would I have needed to have learned from this situation to be able to feel better about it now?”
  • “How many ways can I view this experience in a new and surprising way that delights my soul?”
  • “As you think about it now, how does the fact that you feel you made a mistake, actually allow you to learn something of benefit?”

Tip 5: Spend a few minutes each day thinking about things that you are grateful for and make you happy. Write a list – carry it around and read it at intervals throughout the day. If appropriate put your hands on your heart and breath deep breaths with each happy thought.

Tip 6: Why Not? Rose Tinted Spectacles


  • Think of something that you like a new perspective on.
  • Select a resource that you would like to experience in the above. (eg creativity, relaxation, skill, happiness etc.)
  • Represent that resource with a colour.
  • Now imagine in front of you a pair of sunglasses which are coloured with the colour you selected in step 3.
  • Put them on and look at the thing you selected in step 1 with this new coloured perspective.
  • Enjoy the new learnings you’ve gained. Perhaps try it again with other shades.
  • Would it be useful to have those ‘shades’ on in future situations? You can future pace by imagining a future situation, see what you would see and hear what you would hear as you imagine the situation through those coloured shades.

Tip 7: Keeping good health is essential for high levels of happiness. Just going for a 20 minute walk in the fresh air can do wonders for your health and well being.

Tip 8: You deserve to be happy. It is your birthright. If you feel unworthy of happiness it is due to subconscious ‘limiting beliefs.’ You can change them…

Tip 9: A dose of Rapid Humour Therapy with the…

Ridiculous Behaviour Generator

  • Think of a situation where you want to have more fun.
  • See yourself over there in the situation, like you are watching a movie.
  • See yourself having more fun, maybe joking with the other people in the movie.
  • Go back to the start of the movie and try out a different way of having more fun. Perhaps notice something you haven’t seen/heard before that makes you chuckle.
  • Now, again from the start, see yourself in the movie and do some behaviour(s) that you would never do in reality. Get really silly with this one. Do something outrageous that just makes you crack up laughing.
  • Break state. Think of the situation again and notice how you feel better about it and look forward to having even more fun in the situation in the future.

Tip 10: Centering Exercise – The Hook-Up

I learned this excellent process from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. When you are feeling ‘out of balance’ or emotionally confused give this a go – It only takes a couple of minutes.

Place the middle finger of one hand on your third eye (between your eyebrows above the bridge of your nose). Next place the middle finger of the other hand in your navel. Now gently press each finger into your skin, pull it upward, and hold for 15-20 seconds (or more if you desire). Often a spontaneous sigh or deep breath signals that the energies have hooked up.

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