What Is Self Image and How Can You Improve Self Image?

What is Self Image? It’s simply the way you see yourself in your ‘minds eye’ and the feelings that arise from it. Because your self-image is right at the core of your identity or self concept it influences your feelings and behaviour across contexts.



However one of the interesting things you can discover for yourself is that your self-image will change depending on the specific context or situation you are thinking about.

Have you ever heard a phrase such as, “I just can’t see myself doing that.” What do you think their self-image looks like?

What’s something you enjoy or are good at? As you think about it now, re-experience it as if you were there. And then step out of the image, push it over there on the wall and look at that you enjoying yourself. Notice your feelings. This self-image makes you feel quite esteemed right?

Self Image Quotes

“The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.” – Maxwell Maltz

“The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image.” – Brian Tracy

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.” – Dr. Joyce Brothers

Internal Representations

We create ‘mental maps’ or internal representations, in our mind, of our subjective experience of reality. In other words we create models / maps of our world with our inner images, sounds, words and feelings.

Because our mind operates so fast these images and sounds usually wizz past our conscious awareness: Sub-Conscious.

However they have a very powerful influence on our daily experience. The fact is your entire belief systems are derived from your ‘mental maps’!

Picture for a moment someone you really admire. A person with a healthy level of confidence.

You get a good feeling right?

So I’m curious, how do you know when to have that feeling?

Think of that person again and simply point to where you see them in your field of vision. Do you see them to the left, straight in front or to the right?

Notice how close the image of them is to you.

What happens when you think about someone you don’t like very much, I don’t know maybe a politician?

Isn’t it interesting how they are in different locations in space!

If you were to now notice these two images simultaneously, you could become aware of other differences between them: Maybe one is smaller than the other. One is full colour, the other black & white. One’s 3D, the other 2D.

This is the way your mind actually ‘codes’ your ‘maps.’ “Hmmmm, not sure about him,” verses “O’yeah I like that person.” These ‘codings’ are the difference that makes the difference.

If you were to picture someone you really admire, where do you represent them. Notice the qualities of the image.

And if you were to notice your own self-image right now, where is it located in space. Now become aware of the characteristics in comparison to the image of the person you admire.

Is one image closer, bigger, more colourful?

By the way this comparison or ‘contrast analysis’ is one of the master keys to becoming mindful of your unconscious process’ and for creating rapid personal change.

So would you be at all interested in how you could boost your self-esteem and improve self-image almost instantaneously?

It’s so easy, you’ll probably laugh!

Go ahead now, take your Self Image and move it over into the location of where you see the ‘admired person’ and morph it into the same qualities such as size, brightness, closeness and so on.

As you look at this enhanced self-image become aware of your increased feelings of self-esteem.

That’s it! You could call this ‘Rapid Self Image Psychology.’ No need for tedious introspection and self-image profiles.

Take note that often times you only need to move the image into the new location and all the other characteristics change automatically. That’s another Master Key for re-programming your mind quickly and easily. There are more of course and you will discover them as you continue to read about awesome mind secrets…

Remember at the beginning of this article I mentioned how the appearance of your self-image changes according to the specific context you are thinking about.

So what I suggest you do is think of a few upcoming situations, like work, socialising, family and then become aware of your internal self-image and then shift it over into the ‘enhanced self esteem’ location.

If you were to do this once or more a day your sub-conscious mind would quickly begin to get the message and you would begin to notice a growing sense of esteem for yourself rather quickly…

So why not go ahead and do the drill now. You can do it in less than three minutes!

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What Is Self Image and How Can You Improve Self Image?

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