What Is Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving?

You know the human mind, your mind, is truly awesome. Everything we see around us, incredible architecture, paintings, wondrous machines and the amazing musical masterpieces of the ages all started in someone’s imagination!

So what is creative thinking?

It’s the ability to re-arrange, re-formulate, re-pattern, mix, merge and construct already known and new ‘thought forms’ in different combinations.

We all possess this creative mechanism.



Sometimes though we become, “stuck in a rut” or start to, “see blank”, or we “hit a brick wall.” These are common phrases used by people that are in ‘stuck states.’ Their mind is unwilling to go else where.

Just what is this state of mind and more interestingly how can we discover proven methods to ease out of it, swiftly and smoothly, into inspired and creative thinking states of awareness?!

If we were to look inside their mind we would likely discover that their ‘stuckness’ was in fact a bit like a video loop. It would be as if they were repeating a short clip of a movie over and over: Hit a brick wall… back to the beginning and… repeat…

So how can you snap out of these loops?

Well there are some really good creative thinking exercises that can work lickety-split:

Switch Representational System

It’s easier than it sounds honest! Look at that person over there. She looks like she’s in a bit of stymie. “Hey how’s tricks? You look like you could do with some creative inspiration?! Ahhhh ok, Lisa, let’s see what we can do then…”

First of all notice where and how you feel that stuck state. Where on/in your body is that feeling? I bet it’s not in your little toe or is it?! Good. Now switch representational system by giving that feeling a colour.

“As you notice that feeling what colour represents that best?” – Just go with the first colour.

And if you wish you could now give that feeling a sound. ‘What sound represents this feeling?’

Great, well done!

You’ve done the main part. What you have done is to access a different part of your mind by representing the feeling in a different sensory system (Visual/Auditory.)

If you wanted, just for fun, you could even represent the feeling as a smell or taste! ‘What does this feeling smell/taste like?’

With that you have instantly accessed multiple resources from different brain centres, allowing the creative process to emerge.

What you can do next is to explore the new representation in it’s own sense system. So for example let’s say the feeling you had, looked like black foggy cloud and sounded like a dull and distant tinny sounding radio.

The next step is to PLAY with these images and sounds.

For example what happens if you ‘paint’ a silver lining around the black clouds?

If you were to imagine bringing that radio closer how would the sound quality alter? Turn the dial?

I think you get the basic gist by now, so go ahead and give it a go and get wild and wacky because humour is always good for a laugh isn’t it?! If you enjoyed this kind of ‘playing with metaphors’ method you would probably like the Merging Metaphors Technique in “Awesome Mind Power Techniques.”

So what happens now when you think about the ‘stuck state’?

Your feelings have changed!

This process enables your mind to have more choice. Instead of getting stuck in a ‘dead end’ pathway, you have numerous ones to choose from. And more choice equals more flexibility, which equals more creativity.

Creativity is just a state of mind that can be triggered with specific mental strategies and can be enhanced by exploring other perspectives using a variety of tools. And the great thing is, the more you practice creative thinking techniques, the more creative you become!

Simply by learning to use our brains in more diverse ways we can discover the master keys to unlocking the power of our creative imagination!

There are many ‘creative thinking courses’ and ‘creative thinking training materials’ out there, so why not have a search on google and see what you can find?

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What Is Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving?

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