How to Access The Wisdom of Your Future Self

What would be the best advice that you could receive from your wiser future self?

A great imagination experiment to do is to pretend to step into a you from the future, it could be a couple of decades from now or, if you allow yourself to be open enough, future lives!

Doing so can reveal amazing insights that will profit you in the here and now.

One of the amazing things about reality is that Time doesn’t really exist. There is only the present moment. If we think about a past event, we are of course, really experiencing a representation of that event in ‘the now.’

By using our mind we can create an approximation of the future. And it could be LIFETIMES from now! Such is the power of our imagination.

Let’s say you are doing a project and could use some creative insight. By stepping into a ‘future self’ you can look back at that person in the ‘present’ and ask questions to gain insight in how to move forward.

As the future self ask:

  • “What does that person need to do to solve that problem quickly and easily?”
  • “What kind of person does he need to become to resolve that issue?”
  • “What does that person need to do to move forward?”
  • “What would that you have to have learned in order to solve that problem?”

Let’s face it – problems are going to keep coming. So we need to maintain a powerful determination.

What would happen if you were to imagine having a conversation with your wiser future self, gaining a new understanding of how to keep motivated and determined?

If you were to step into that wiser self you could also experience those feelings of determination and resolve.

What happens if you were to do that now and then allow an image to appear that represents those feelings.

Now you can pass that gift (the image) to your present self. Where in your body would it be best to store that resource? Your heart?

You can then tap into those positive feelings any time you feel the need by bringing the image to mind and allowing those feelings to arise.

Can you think of any specific situations in the future where it would be useful to experience those resourceful feelings?

Pick one: And then notice what the first thing you would see is. Maybe it’s a door or a logo sign.

As you hold that thought, bring to mind the symbol you came up with for the resource and feel those good feelings as they become associated with the first thing you will see in that upcoming situation.

Why not do this for 3 other situations so the process generalises…

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