Introducing The Revolutionary SUE Scale

Before the SUE Scale there was ‘The Subjective Units of Distress Scale’ (SUDS.) This has been in use for several decades for rating the pain or distress someone feels about something such as a headache or the intensity of a phobia. You could rate it from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most intense pain. Or you could have the scale going from -10 to 0, with zero being pain-free.

It’s a useful tool for measuring the progress of an intervention.

In 2009 Dr. Hartmann created The Subjective Units of Experience or SUE Scale. The scale goes from -10 up to +10. At first glance this seems like nothing much. No big deal. But as you’ll discover it’s actually a really important enhancement.


Even today many approaches to personal change are still focusing on ‘getting rid of emotions‘ and feeling neutral or ‘at peace.’ Obviously the human being is capable of experiencing many wonderful, empowering emotions that enables them to do greater things in life.

The SUE Scale is a neat device for tracking your progress when doing change-work on yourself and others. But more importantly as you practice using it, it creates a new Mind-Set: That of striving for more and more positive energising states of mind.

This quickly becomes a habit, meaning instead of just thinking thoughts such as, “How can I get rid of this stress,” you start to think along the lines of, “How can I quickly get rid of this stress AND what amazing states of mind do I want to experience instead!”

  • “How much more creative can I be?”
  • “How much more loving can I be?”
  • “How much more playful can I be?”

I believe it’s fair to say many people, including myself, are living way below what they could be experiencing in terms of happiness. Our expectations are way to low! What positive states could we experience more often? What enlightened states have we only glimpsed before, yet could experience more often?

You can use the SUE Scale right now if you wish. For example maybe you want to be more productive. Notice where you are on the scale. +10 being super productive! Now ask yourself, “What do I need to experience to be more productive.” Your answer could be, “feel energised,” or “feel inspired.” You could then take a few minutes to access these inner resources using an energy tapping method such as Energy EFT.

Below is a video with Dr. Silvia Hartmann discussing the SUE Scale:

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Introducing The Revolutionary SUE Scale

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