“The Secrets Of Learning While Sleeping”

Can you learn while sleeping?

Well, you can to a certain extent. Just don’t expect to be able to pop a CD in and learn a language during sleep. You won’t wake up fluent in Japanese!



However, playing audio in the background aids you in learning while sleeping.

The way this works is that during our sleep cycles, which is about every 90 minutes, we dip into Alpha and Theta brainwave states. These levels of mind are still able to absorb information from the audio track into our memory.

Deep sleep, when our mind is in Delta brainwave mode, is, let’s say, ‘away with the fairies!’

However it is known that for the best results you need to be practiced in accessing these states of mind. If you do Self Hypnosis, Meditation or The Silva Method you will probably have some experience of remaining conscious at the Alpha and even Theta states of mind.

Being trained in that skill means your mind will be better at retaining information in memory that has been accessed at those deeper levels.

Even without those skills you can still assist your waking studies by learning while you sleep by allowing your sub-conscious mind to hear the audio teachings on a loop.

Repetition helps.

Before you go to bed set your intention to ‘learn while you sleep.’ Switch on your audio track. Turn the volume to an almost subliminal level and click on ‘repeat’ or ‘loop.’

And there you go off into la la land!

By the way I highly recommend you test out listening to uplifting or motivating speeches by the likes of Tony Robbins.

Begin to notice how your dreams start to get positvitely affected!

Very Cool ;¬)

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