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Colin G Smith
RE: Creating safe, rapid & effective change

Dear Friend,

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  • The Master Keys to Empower You to Quickly and Easily Access Powerful Resourceful States of Mind.

  • Answer these Two Simple Questions and you will realise how
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    (Page 6)

  • Discover the Secrets of, 'The Half Second Rule' which will
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  • How to Amplify Your Good Feelings Quickly and Powerfully so
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  • The one State of Mind that everybody has, most definitely
    including you, that's probably THE Ultimate Resource for
    Making Incredible Changes, in a Fun and Easy Way! (Page 11)

  • How to Harness the Awesome Power of Your Unconscious Mind.

  • A Super Easy Way to Raise Your 'Baseline State' so that you
    naturally develop an Optimistic, "Bright Future" Outlook. (Page 10)

  • How to Swiftly 're- program' mundane daily tasks so they Become Fun and even provide you with Moments of Inspiration to Treasure! (Page 13)

  • The One Simple Principle that allows you to Make The Changes You Want even if you don't think you can do it. (Page 7)

  • How to 'program in' Fantastic states of mind so they Activate Automatically just when you want and need them!

  • The One Simple & Powerful Tool that 're-directionalises'
    your mind so you start feeling and behaving the way You
    Really Want. (Page 15)

  • PLUS! Hypnotic Language Patterns are used throughout the Special Report to Inspire and Accelerate The Change Process in you.

Some of these tips and techniques teach you how Rapid Change is made; others teach you how to make sure the changes you make are effective; and still other tips prove how making
rapid change is in fact a lot of fun!

All of them are included for one reason: to help you make effective personal change... quickly and easily.

"Yeah, But WHY Would You Basically Give
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Knowing that this information can literally change your life within 15 minutes, why would I offer it for only $15.00 when it could easily be sold for $49 or more?

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The Half Second Rule: Your Master Key to Safe, Rapid &
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