The Basic Fears In Life And How To Overcome Them

What will you do if you become poor? How can anyone criticise you for doing something right? What will happen if you get sick and die? Being alone, old and ridiculed portray the picture of the fundamental fears in a person’s life. The fears of human beings are nothing more than states of mind. Fears prevail as a restless emotion caused by the anticipation of some illusion or experience.

However, all forms of fear are generated by the combination of some of the basic fears which everyone faces in their lives:

The Fear of Freedom or Lack Of

  • The fear of ‘freedom’ is one of those fears which exist within everyone. Nobody wishes to be controlled by anyone else. This fear exists among those who are supervised by others, those who cannot experience their life and activities in their own way, as well as those who are constrained to some specific boundaries.

The Fear of The Unknown

  • The fear of the unknown is one of the most common fundamental fears which exist within every child and adult. Many people have fear of strangers or about new places they visit. We can become afraid to make a decision because we lack knowledge and not knowing the consequences beforehand.

The Fear of Failure

  • The fear of failure is one of the fundamental fears that hold people back in life. You may fear failure in your relationships, doing your job or you might fail by not achieving what you wish for and so on. This fear is mostly the driving force which makes you perform or avoid any activity.

The Fear of Rejection

  • The fear of rejection, or ridicule which is closely related, are one of those fears which affect your self-esteem. Being rejected discourages you from sharing your ideas or propositioning someone. The fear of ridicule is generated when a child is bullied; a dull person is mocked; a useless and reckless person is teased and so on.

The Fear of Death

  • When we talk about the fundamental fears, then the fear of death comes the first. Life seems most precious to everyone. However, everybody knows that death will come to every living being. The fear of ceasing to exist can make you unable to enjoy life and the precious moments that you have.overcoming-fear

In short, there is no end to the fears of human beings. They will keep existing and changing forms until and unless controlled in their earliest stages. If not controlled, they will ruin your life by making you feel hopeless and miserable. So, stand up and control your fundamental fears before they control you!

Here’s some good, simple advice from Tony for overcoming your fears:

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