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Shamanic Skills: Communicating With Tree Deva’s

  All the Shamanic cultures around the globe have a tradition of communicating with tree spirits. The word, Deva, meaning supernatural entity, derives from ancient India. In Europe tree spirits are often to referred to as Dryads. “A dryad is … Continue reading

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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a practice that has been evolving and growing for thousands of years. It’s the oldest form of human spiritual practice. The Australian Aborigines shamanic practices go back ten’s of thousands of years, some estimates say 100,000 years. It … Continue reading

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Shamanistic Secrets For Creating Your Best Year Yet

So we find ourselves at the end of another year! We’ve got 12 new months ahead of us… Rather than focusing on new year resolutions and goal setting, I thought it would be interesting to write an article about how … Continue reading

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Shamanistic Practices: Grounding to Save Your Sanity

These days many people are walking around acting a little bit crazy. Especially in cities, people have become very disconnected from the earth and nature in general. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Energy flows where attention goes.” Well the … Continue reading

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How to Shapeshift: Shape-Shifting Skills for Fun & Freedom

Everyone wants more freedom. Can you imagine if you knew how to become a shapeshifter! Don’t you think that would empower you? As you know real freedom comes from within. And learning to shift our mind or change our perspective on things, … Continue reading

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