Simple Self Hypnosis Secrets That Can Change Your Life Today!

Psychologists and Doctors used to send their ‘impossible’ clients to him and in many instances he helped them to turn their lives around. Dr. Milton H. Erickson was one of the most successful hypnotherapists in the world and is often referred to as ‘the father of modern hypnosis.’ 

One of the factors that set him apart from other change workers was his strong faith in the potential of human beings. He knew that when a person stopped stumbling around with their conscious mind and tapped into the limitless ocean of unconscious resources, people could make wonderful changes.

He used to look at a client and say, “You’ve tried to solve this problem with your conscious mind and failed utterly. Now is the time to access your unconscious resources in a way that resolves this problem effectively.”

One of the common misconceptions about self hypnosis is that you have to be able to concentrate and go into a profoundly altered state. This could be done, however what we are really interested in is accessing other areas of our mind (i.e. unconscious resources) so that we can make certain changes giving rise to our chosen outcome.

The good news is you can do this very easily and you can give it a go now with the following techniques. No need for deep trance!

Three Magic Doors

This is a classic hypnotherapy technique. I think you’ll be surprised and intrigued at what your unconscious mind conjures up.

Think of a small problem you want to change. For example perhaps there is someone you would like to get along with better.

Imagine there are three closed doors in front of you: Door one is labelled, “usual way”, door two is labelled, “another person’s way” and door three is labelled, “wacky way!”

In a moment you are going to imagine walking through one of those door ways and your unconscious will then present you with a solution or new creative insights.

So as you look at those doors notice which one you are drawn to. Would you prefer to solve the problem in a, “usual way”, “another person’s way” or a “wacky way!”

And then just allow your unconscious to create an experience behind that door that will give rise to what is known as a “ah ah” eureka moment when you walk through to the other side.

When you feel ready imagine opening the door and walking through, becoming aware of what you are presented with. What do you see, hear, smell and feel? And as you look around what is it that you haven’t noticed yet?

You may or may not know at the conscious level how this experience is going to help you, but you can if you wish ask yourself, “How does this experience help me?” or “What new ideas, insights and perspectives does this give me?”

Whenever we are stuck it’s as if our mind is locked into a groove. We can snap out of it and gain creative solutions by accessing the unconscious regions of our mind.

There are many techniques and methods that enable us to achieve this goal such as the ‘three magic doors.’ Here are some a couple of other ideas for you to practice:

What’s on the back?

Picture something you’d like a creative insight into.

Have you ever wondered what is on the back of your images?

Simply imagine turning the image around and become aware of what is on the back?

The Wall

What is it that you’d like some help with?

Imagine a big wall in front of you.

Just allow your unconscious or the creative problem solving parts of your mind to manifest some useful insights on the other side of the wall.

When you feel ready imagine jumping up and looking over the wall. You may have to jump up a few times to gather all the new information!

Playing around with these kinds of self hypnosis techniques will enable you to learn to access more areas of your mind. And as you continue to do so you will find yourself becoming more capable of solving problems creatively.

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