Shamanistic Secrets For Creating Your Best Year Yet

So we find ourselves at the end of another year! We’ve got 12 new months ahead of us… Rather than focusing on new year resolutions and goal setting, I thought it would be interesting to write an article about how you can use ‘shamanistic secrets’ to gain access to your subconscious wisdom for creating an inspiring new year.

As you know your conscious mind can only access a small portion of your mind at a time. Most people tend to just use this kind of ‘left brained thinking.’ While it is essential to use this kind of processing, you can reach inside the vast storehouse of the unconscious giving rise to some amazing insights about your life.

One of the best ways to open up to all areas of the mind is to use altered states of consciousness or simply, trance. Going into trance has to be one of the oldest shamanistic skills. With modern instrumentation we know that our brainwaves change as we go into different trances. Pioneer mind control researcher, Jose Silva discovered that optimum, whole-brained thinking occurred when the brain was at Alpha Level. He referred to this state as, “accessing the kingdom of heaven.”

So the first step is to ‘go to level.’ The Alpha-wave level of mind. Once you’ve entered this special space you can do wonderful things! By setting your intention you can get your mind to do cool stuff. Keeping within the spirit of Shamanism, one of the first things that is beneficial to practice is entering a magical place…

“On the count of three I will find myself in a safe and beautiful land surrounded by nature.” As you allow your mind to create this landscape before you, you can take in all the scenery and fully associate into the experience. Feeling comfortable in this space notice any animals or natural objects such as trees that particularly catch your attention. Maybe there is a wise old Oak tree, a majestic mountain, a wise Owl, a rainbow or a Wizard? Now in your mind walk over to that animal or object to take a closer look…

Notice the colours and shapes. If you can touch it, what does it feel like? Good, what you want to do now is set your intention to learn something of value from this object. Remember you are at a deep level of mind in a ‘magical space.’ Inspiration and ideas will arise from your subconscious that may surprise and delight you!

So go ahead and ask one of the following questions:

  • “How can I make the coming new year my best yet?”
  • “What advice do you have for me?”
  • “How can I be happier?”
  • “What steps do I need to take to be really successful?”
  • “Surprise me with insights for my health and wellbeing”

When you’ve asked the question listen to any advice given and notice if any imagery appears because sometimes you will be given answers with visual symbols. Thank the object for it’s insights and then return to normal consciousness, “on the count of three I will open my eyes feeling wide awake fully present in this room.”

It can be surprising how much information you can glean from such a journey. You might want to set a voice recorder before you go into trance so that you can dictate your visions and listen back to them when in waking consciousness.

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4 Responses to

Shamanistic Secrets For Creating Your Best Year Yet

  1. sharon says:

    thank you!
    This method changes the mental chatter that goes on in our heads without us getting the desired results,

  2. Thanks Clin!
    It would be great tool for the next year. I appreciate you.

  3. azmat janjua says:

    To get in to Alpha state first we have to meditate and get into a form of energy or close to it to reveal the true spiritual message from our inner being.

  4. awes1397 says:

    Great! I’m glad you are finding the article useful…

    Yes, being able to go to the alpha level of mind is probably one of the most useful things to master for self growth.

    Happy New Year! (well almost…)


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