Self-Acceptance Exercises And Your Pure Potential

Many people spend hours upon hours every single year, trying to hone their body into the perfect shape and size. However, one of the most important aspects of any kind of training – mental or physical – is having self-acceptance. If you think of self-acceptance as a muscle, then that muscle has to be trained and worked on constantly, so that it can function at its very best.

It’s a continual process that has to be maintained throughout your life. Everything around us changes and adapts to fit the changing environment of the world, and our bodies are no different – you need to constantly adapt, change and then accept this, or you will never succeed.

Self-acceptance exercises are much tougher than doing any type of physical exercise. You can train and harness your physical power until you can pick two people up two people at once, but you cannot train positive thinking so easily. One of the most important things to remember is that on your best day, you are still the same person as you were on your worst days, and vice versa. There is no change in you personally, just your perception from one day to the next.

Self-Acceptance Exercise

1. Get yourself comfortable; You can do this sitting or standing.

2. Looking out in front of yourself or on the floor, imagine seeing your different roles; Work Roles, Family Roles, Community Roles, Sport/Leisure Roles. You can also visualise your thoughts, habits, and patterns.

3. Simply notice these different aspects of yourself. There are good aspects and bad aspects.

4. While you are noticing these impermanent aspects of self (i.e. roles change throughout life), you can begin to wonder who are you really at this moment in time.

5. Allow yourself to become aware of this bigger sense of self; Your Essential Self – Pure Potential!

You need to realise that self-acceptance comes from accepting you have limitations, you have flaws, but you also have many strengths and positives. Be aware of what you think about and how it comes into your mind, and think about how you can change the record. If you regularly think negatively, then you need to flex that muscle we spoke about.  Every time you feel down or have a negative thought, step back and see the bigger picture; You are made up of different roles, thoughts and feelings that come and go, with many of them being positive. Essentially you are pure potential: So who are you becoming this year, month, week, today?

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