Removing Limiting Beliefs With The Diamond Technique

The way we move through the world is governed by our belief system. This is built up through our conditioning and life experience. We have created and continually update our own mental maps of reality. We tend not to act on reality directly, rather we act directly from what our map is showing us. Maps are never perfect. They can be very useful. Essential in fact. But they do have limitations.

When you find yourself holding back from doing new things. Making more money. Connecting to others better. Or being at peace. It indicates you probably have limitations in your mental map. Reality is infinite. Pure consciousness. When you start removing limiting beliefs with methods such as ‘The Diamond Technique’ shown below you will discover a new sense of possibility…

The Conflict of the Opposites

“Being caught in the process of becoming, of acquisition, and realizing its strife and pain, the desire to get out of it gives birth to the conflict of duality. Gain always engenders fear, and fear gives birth to the conflict of opposites – the overcoming of what is and transforming it into that which is desired.”

“Does not an opposite contain the germ of its own opposite? Is virtue the opposite of vice? If it is, then it ceases to be virtue. If virtue is the opposite of vice, then virtue is the outcome of vice. Beauty is not the denial of the ugly. Virtue has no opposite. Greed can never become nongreed, any more than ignorance can become enlightenment. If enlightenment is the opposite of ignorance, then it is no longer enlightenment. Greed is still greed when it tries to become nongreed, for the becoming itself is greed.”

“The conflict of the opposites is not the conflict of dissimilars, but of changing and opposing desires. Conflict exists only when what is is not understood. If we can understand what is, then there is no conflict of its opposite. What is can be understood only through choiceless awareness in which there is neither condemnation, justification, nor identification.”

Krishnamurti – Eighth Talk in Madras, 1947

The following technique is useful for changing limiting beliefs. It was created by German NLP Trainer’s Leo Maier and Klaus Grochowiak ( who wrote a book called “The Diamond Technique,” which is only available in German.

The Diamond Technique

1. Mark out four spots on the ground (eg paper) to form a diamond shape.The Diamond Technique

2. Now step into the ‘problem’ spot and answer the following questions to yourself:

i) What does this problem enable me to do? ii) What does it stop me from doing?

3. Next step into the ‘opposite’ spot. What is the opposite of the ‘problem’? With that in mind answer the following questions. i) What does this enable me to do? ii) What does it stop me from doing?

4. Now step into the ‘common’ spot. What do the, ‘problem’ and ‘opposite’ have in common? Now answer the following questions. i) What does this enable me to do? ii) What does it stop me from doing?

5. Next stand in the ‘beyond’ spot and come up with something that is beyond all of the other spots. Again ask the two questions. i) What does this enable me to do? ii) What does it stop me from doing?

TOP TIP: Don’t worry about your answers being right. Just go with whatever answers come to mind.

The Diamond Technique is a very interesting and useful exercise for removing limiting beliefs. I like the way it makes use of opposites along with it’s simplicity and elegance. How did you find the experience?

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9 Responses to

Removing Limiting Beliefs With The Diamond Technique

  1. unity3 says:

    Colin a great and simple technique. Something even simpler yet not as in depth is asking yourself “Is this working or not working for me?” This opens the mind to look at what might work. At the least it opens you to recognize what isn’t working. It may have worked in the past and now is no longer working.

  2. Very interesting Gary – Limiting thoughts can have such a devastating effect so good to have a strategy for dealing with them

  3. awes1397 says:

    Thanks for the comments. Yes great questions can be really simple yet really useful!

  4. pawan says:

    thanks it really increases your horizon of thinking and helps you yo come out of mental blocks

  5. awes1397 says:

    That’s great, I’m glad your finding it useful…

  6. says:

    colin you send out some cracking e.mails i love recieveing them very positive work well done

  7. Yvonne Tennant says:

    Colin I’m very new to NLP and self help stuff so please can I ask a couple of eally stupid questions ? Firstly what context is the problem to be in I.e. Should it be in the form of a belief and therefore it’s presupposed that you have pinpointed the actual underlying root cause; or can it be the physical outcome or current state caused by the limiting belief ? Secondly, what is meant by beyond, is it associated to the problem or totally abstract ? Sorry to be so obtuse and thanks.

    • awes1397 says:

      Hi Yvonne, thanks for the questions. I’d say you could try it out on any of the things you mentioned. It is a flexible tool. There is no precise right or wrong way of using it. It’s designed to help you shift your mind into new perspectives. As for beyond – it’s up to you. Yes it could be associated to the problem or it could be chunked right up into the abstract. Experiment find out what works best for you! Cheers, Colin

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