5 Ways to Reduce Worry Right Now

Everybody worries about things from time to time. Amongst the most common things people worry about are; Health, Work, Children, Looks, Age and Money. It’s only really a problem when a person starts dwelling on worrying thoughts. Obviously it would be best to simply ‘stop worrying’ but this is easier said than done, unless you know about the following worry reducing methods…

1. Get Above it All



When you’re worrying you tend to be focussing on big worrying images. By changing perspective and ‘getting above it all’ you can quickly change your response to the source of the worry and feel more detached and objective. Go and ahead and think about the thing that worries you. Now in your mind step back and imagine seeing yourself ‘down there with the worry’ as you float higher up to get a bird’s eye view of it all.

2. Meditation

It’s well substantiated that meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety. By doing basic breathing meditation you can reduce your feeling of worry. Simple get comfortable. Close your eyes and concentrate on the sensation of the breath going and out. Do this for ten minutes and notice how you feel afterwards!

3. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT has become quite well known and for good reason. EFT or ‘energy tapping’ is a way of using the fingers to gently tap the meridian points on the body which causes blocks in the human energy system to be released. By tapping away ‘worry’ you will feel more inner calm instead.

4. Art Therapy

This can be done in a very simple yet effective way. It’s been observed that when people are stressed or agitated they tend to doodle with angular strokes. Because of the mind/body connection you can send calming vibes to the mind by drawing curvy / circular motions. Simply start doodling with pen or pencil, curves, circles and figure eights.

5. Practice Gratitude



The feeling of gratitude is a great antidote to worry and anxiety. Pick something really basic that you can feel grateful for right now. Are you in a warm, safe place? Feel grateful about that. Now what else can you feel grateful about? Friendships? Family? Pets?

Worrying at the end of the day is just a series of thought process’s. Images and words in the mind. We can interrupt these thoughts and instead think about more positive things. By practicing simple methods like the one’s above we can learn to reduce our worrying and enjoy life more.

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5 Ways to Reduce Worry Right Now

  1. tamerat says:

    it is a choise ,awareing the benifte of enjoying than the other side of feeling sad,anger etc and practising to expand your enjoying time for life that give you chemichal balance,breathing rhytme and have a beautiful heart and mind

  2. M.RENGANATHAN says:

    Nice and practical tips for simple persons.


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