Reduce Stress While Increasing Your Thinking Power Within 5 Minutes

The Fight/Flight/Freeze mechanism is controlled by how much danger we perceive, either real or imagined. Blood begins to leave our ‘thinking centre‘ in the brain and flows into the muscles.

Of course this reduces our thinking power considerably.

Stress causes the neural circuits to get stuck in one region of the brain – the left. The ideal state of mind is to have both hemispheres functioning simultaneously. When you do exercises to stimulate the right-brain it helps to reduce stress and stimulate creative thinking.

Our train of thought is controlled by the questions we ask ourselves. We do this throughout the day, usually at an unconscious level. The amazing thing is your mind, more often than not, answers any question you ask. So better make sure they’re good questions right?!

Here’s one of the best…

The Magic Question:

“If I did know how to easily solve this problem, how would I?”

By just asking this one question you direct the mind to access it’s vast unconscious database of knowledge. Practice asking yourself the magic question and you will quickly create a very useful new habit.

If I were to ask you who your favourite role model is or someone you deeply admire, who would be your first choice? Imagine if you found yourself in their presence being able to ask them anything you wanted!

Well you can; By using the power of your imagination.

It was discovered many years ago that looking up at a 20 degree angle turns your alpha brain wave rhythms on. In this state of mind, your left and right hemispheres are hooked up, giving you access to the whole brain.

In this alpha state it becomes much easier to do creative work like imagining communicating to your favourite ‘genius.’ With your eyes up at a 20 degree angle, picture your role model in front of you. Say ‘Hello!’ and ask, “How could I understand this better?” or “How could I solve problem x ?

Thank the person in front of you for their help, just like you would a real person. Shake their hand. This of course can help you gain even more rapport with the genius.

If you enjoy this kind of thought experiment you may want to take it a stage further…

Noticing your role model in front of you, imagine taking their head and placing it onto your own shoulders, rather like you are wearing a helmet. You can then see through their eyes, hear their thoughts and feel their feelings.

In the world of hypnosis this process is known as Deep Trance Identification and can often give you amazing insights and perspectives leading to new solutions.

Here are some useful questions to ask when you have the role models head on:

“How can I view this problem in a new empowering way?”

“How can I solve this problem?”

“What else can I learn about this?”

“What’s surprising about problem x ?”

So if you’ve got a few minutes why not give these ideas a go. You never know you may discover a break-through solution to one of your projects, learning how to de-stress fast at the same time!

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