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What is your goal specifically?

Research has proven, many times, that the people that really get things done have very clear goals. In this crazy, info-overload world, it is even more important now then ever to have clear goals and outcomes.

By setting a goal and making a step-by-step plan you’re pretty much guaranteed to increase your productivity exponentially. It’s time saving as well because you don’t waste time wondering what to do next: You have the steps written down!

Depending on the size of your plans, set aside some time to really be able to sit down and concentrate on your outcomes and planning. Start off by getting all your thoughts on paper with a Mind Map. It’s an incredibly simple process for clarifying what you want quickly.

When you’ve done that it becomes easier to formulate your goals and outcomes. SMART Goals are a great choice. Once you’ve done that you can do a bit of ‘Backward Planning’ and create some sub-goals. These are the mini-goals that lead toward achieving the main outcome.

With those little index cards (or post cards) you can create a neat little ‘goal success’ record that helps to keep you motivated. By writing the days of the week along the top, you can place your mini-goals in the vertical column and then tick each goal you do for the day.


Daily tasks that need to be done, can be rather tedious. But you can help yourself stay motivated by discovering your deeper values: The deep unconscious level emotions that fire you into action.

This can be done fairly easily by asking the following kinds of questions:

  • “Why am I doing this?”
  • “What will achieving this goal do for me?”
  • “What is important about this outcome?”

The answers you uncover will have an emotional impact on you. They are your deep values. Maybe write them out so you can refer to them again for a bit of ‘Instant Motivation.’

Using Magic Questions To Keep On Track

As with any goal there are bound to be hurdles in the way now and again. This can get frustrating if we get one after the other. In fact it can lead to feelings of overwhelm, making us feel like a failure!

At times like this it’s worth keeping in mind the timeless principle high achievers:

“There is no failure, only feedback.”

If you think about it you only really fail at achieving something if you place a time-restraint on it. Of course it’s a good idea to have dead-lines for goal achievement, but for your big goals it’s sensible to allow some flexibility because ‘shit happens.’

So if a stumbling block appears, stand back and allow yourself to practice the success principle above by asking yourself questions such as, “What else do I need to learn to overcome this problem?” “How else can I view this problem in a way that is productive?”

The truth is, there is always something else to learn about ANYTHING because we live in an infinite Universe and your mind has infinite learning capability when you allow it free reign with empowering questions!

Of course another biggie for success is the power of persistence. To get anything of value done, you need to put it into practice. So how can you keep on keeping on with those daily tasks?

Take a look at you Goal every day.

Remember WHY you are doing it: The Big Picture!

Are your mini-goals small enough? Make sure they’re appetising, bite size chunks.


Do Yourself A Favour:

You know the phrase, “You are what you eat.” Well, what about what you read, watch and listen too?

Read inspiring successful life stories.

Watch cool interviews with positive role models on TV and YouTube.

Make an effort to find admirable people you respect at meetings and events in your local area and get to know them:

“You become who you associate with.”

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