Quick Tip! Problem Solving Ideas – Utilising Transcendental States

If your interested in new problem solving ideas, I think you’ll enjoy the following tool that helps you solve problems by making use of transcendental resource states.



1. Access your Resource State

Remember a Peak Experience you once had. Maybe it was a spiritual experience. What about the first time you fell in love? How about that time you looked up at the heavens on a perfectly clear night!

Access it fully and completely. See what you saw at the time, hear what you heard and feel those amazing feelings!

Now anchor this feeling by repeating the sound, “Wow, wow, wow!” to yourself.

2. Your Problem State

Think about a project you’ve got a creative block on. What’s the first thing that happens? Slow down and notice… Do you say something to yourself first or do you make an image first? What’s the next part of the recipe?

eg) Self Talk, “errrr, I just don’t know what to do!” ==> See dim and distant Image of yourself looking lost ==> And then feel confused and lost.

3. Break State

Now think about something totally different. What did you have for breakfast? Or look around and notice any red objects.

4. Re-programming Your Thinking Strategy

Now think about your problem again and as soon as you’ve started interrupt the pattern by repeating loud and clear in your mind the positive resource anchor, “Wow, wow, wow!

5. Repeat several times from Step-3

Notice how your feelings have changed when you think about the challenge now. What new insights and revelations are on there way?

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