How To Be More Positive And Confident

Do you ever find yourself in situations, maybe at work or when interacting with certain people, where you just wish you could be in a more resourceful state of mind? Don’t you want to know how to be more positive and confident in the area’s of life that you would enjoy a certain feeling of power and control?

The interesting thing is there probably are certain contexts in your life where you do feel positive and resourceful. This could be one of your activities in your leisure time; Maybe a sport, cooking, writing, travelling, playing music or walking in nature.

The good news is we can tap into these resourceful experiences, capture that positive emotional energy, and transfer it into situations in our life where it would be really useful.

Follow the simple step-by-step technique below to be more positive and confident in the situation of your choosing:

          1. Remember an experience where you felt positive and confident; Maybe you were in nature; a forest, the sea, on a mountain, by a river etc.
          2. Relive that experience as much as possible: See what you saw, hear what you heard, smell the smells and notice the feelings in your body.
          3. Anchor this feeling with a body movement/gesture. Maybe it’s a hand gesture or a movement of your whole body. Repeat this movement a few times so those positive feelings get associated with it.
          4. Now think about an upcoming situation where you would like to feel more resourceful: What do you see or hear just before entering into that situation?
          5. And now perform your gesture to re-experience the positive, confident feelings.
          6. Repeat from Step-D a few more times so that your unconscious mind re-programs the associations into resourcefulness.

All the responses that we have to the different situations and interactions in our life are learned responses. Of course we get into habitual patterns and our behaviour becomes unconscious. But by using techniques like those above we can learn to be in a more resourceful state in the situations of our choosing.

So where else could you enjoy more power, resourcefulness and confidence in your life right now?

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