OCCUPY – Infinite Space


The Void. Emptiness. Zero Point. The Infinite. Oneness. Source. Pure Potential.

Many Spiritual Traditions talk about a state of mind that is beyond the self (Ego-Mind), using different labels.

It has been said that all the pain, fear and frustration we feel is due to our Ego-Mind. Meditation gives us the key to enter through the doorway into the special states of mind beyond the Ego; Selflessness and Inter-connectedness.

Being able to sit down and access this state of mind has many benefits, including reducing fear and stress and boosting the immune system. And when your mind is balanced you are able to think more clearly, make better decisions and be more productive.

Here’s a clip of Brain/Mind Power Pioneer, José Silva, talking about Brainwaves and States of Mind:


I learned an excellent way to relax more quickly into deeper levels of mind that activates Alpha Brainwaves from Peak Performance Coach, Dr. La Tourrette. It involves noticing the space between two sides of your body such as the space between your eyes.

I’ve included the process in the following 3 Step ‘Infinite Space’ Meditation that follows…

Infinite Space Meditation

1. Sit down, close your eyes, breath deeply, relaxing more…

Notice the space between your eyes from behind your eyes.

Notice the space between your ears from behind your ears.

Notice the space between your elbows from behind your elbows.

Notice the space between your knees from behind your knees.

Notice the space between your ankles from behind your ankles.

2. Focus attention on your Heart Centre. Imagine the whole world/Universe dissolving into white shimmering rainbow light. Imagine your body dissolving from the top of your head into your heart and then dissolve your body from the bottom of your feet upwards into your heart.

3. You are now pure Consciousness. Imagine being pure white rainbow light emitting light rays outwards from this Heart Centre into Infinite Space.

* As you get more used to focussing and becoming one with this heart centre you’ll find it easier to find the sweet spot, giving rise to greater feelings of love, oneness and even a little taste of bliss! This location in the Heart Chakra is known as the Indestructible Drop in Tantric Meditation Practice.

When you access the feelings that are way beyond your normal self (Ego-Mind), you are getting a glimpse of your true nature and pure potential.

Everything arises from this space. This is our ‘Real Self.’ Everybody else comes from this space too!

Reminding ourselves of this reality everyday is a good idea, so why not make this meditation a daily ritual? Even 10 minutes is very beneficial.

Of course when you leave meditation and are back in the ‘real world’ it’s easy to be pulled back into the left-brain prison matrix. So what can you do outside of meditation to remind yourself of the Infinite Space?

Pavlov’s Dogs.

When meditating and you find the sweet spot, anchor that state of mind by squeezing your finger and thumb together. So that now, in the future whenever you squeeze that finger and thumb together you will re-access some of that ‘sweet spot.’

So go ahead…

OCCUPY – Infinite Space Today!

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