NLP Coaching Questions To Inspire A Sense Of Wellbeing

For people that are not familiar with the term, NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a methodology used worldwide by life coaches, with the purpose of improving the quality of life for the ones they train. People often have the sensation that it is impossible for them to do something, or reach a particular goal. But that does not mean that they are physically or mentally unable to do it, it is usually because they have set limits in their minds, which keeps them from doing particular things. These boundaries are set by ourselves, in a conscious or unconscious manner, and overcoming them can help us become a better person, a successful individual, who believes anything is possible and has a more positive outlook on life.

So, as you can see, NLP Coaching is more of a psychological approach, meant to help people improve their lives, interpersonal skills, communication, behaviour, and sustain a happier, more fulfilling life. Most people cannot achieve a particular goal due to a type of blockage they have in their mind. This blockage may be caused by something they consider to be a problem, something they cannot overcome or handle. So, a question used by NLP coaches can be, “How do you manage to… (a problem or challenge)?”. Since most people do not realise or admit they have a problem, the first step to releasing this blockage is to make them notice what the problem is. Then, the next step, after realising, is to help them find a way to solve it.

“If there was a miracle tonight, how would you know?” it is another question used in NLP coaching. It is a question with powerful meaning, meant to help people discover what they want in their lives. There are many out there that are confused and don’t really know what they are after, leading a dull life. The question is also very useful for helping a person find a solution to a very challenging problem, which usually inhibits them from achieving their biggest goals. Another question might be, “What stops you?”, as it is a very clear and straightforward way of putting things. Sometimes, it is best just to face the issue in a direct manner because many people are not aware of the blockage they have created inside their mind, which stops them from being happy. It’s a good question to ask when people say, “I can’t”, placing an invisible barrier in front of their possibilities and choices.

The entire purpose of NLP coaching is to make a person recognise his or her values, skills, capabilities and potential. The environment, personal habits and many other factors may influence someone to create limits, like “I can’t” or “It is impossible for me to…”. But who set those limits? Only you, because even if the people around you says it is impossible, it doesn’t really mean it is. By limiting ourselves, we do not give ourselves the chance to get what we want from life and live the way we really want. And NLP is here to help us overcome our boundaries and limits.

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NLP Coaching Questions To Inspire A Sense Of Wellbeing

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