The Subconscious Mind Mirror Technique For Success

Does your subconscious mind make the big decisions? You may think of yourself as a sensible and rational individual, and you may be right, but how often do you find any of the following happen?

  • You explode at a friend or loved one for something which really is not that bad
  • You cannot control your emotions at the strangest of times
  • You produce a pre-conception out of thin air that you had no idea you even thought

We can surprise ourselves by coming out with opinions we never even knew that we had. This can surprise those around us, too. Well, all of these little opinions and pre-conceptions all come from our subconscious. The subconscious mind makes up a massive proportion of our mind, in fact some studies claim 95%.

Therefore, the majority of our opinions or our beliefs are going to come from that huge sector of the mind. Our subconscious decides when we breathe, how we digest our food and pretty much deals with all vital tasks that humans need to do to survive. Try and focus on your breathing when you are talking or thinking, it’s incredibly difficult.

Our subconscious mind stores everything from memories to important safety information. For example, it’s the part that hears your name over the sound of a hundred over voices. It also, unfortunately, represses negative emotions which have been weighing us down without a resolution. This is not a good thing though as it leads to the outbursts that we mentioned above. While our subconscious does so much good to keep us safe, alive and well, it also provides significant issues for us at certain junctions in our lives.

Our subconscious effectively generates our opinions. The reason this is so important to get is that it really does allow people to understand why they have made certain decisions in the past. If you regularly find yourself snapping at people or thinking negatively, it’s fair to say that your subconscious mind has built up quite a poor opinion of the world around you over the years!

The following technique is simple and yet can have a significant positive affect on your life because it changes your perception of reality at the level of your identity.

The Subconscious Mind Mirror Technique For Success

1. Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes.

2. With a feeling of love, say to yourself, “I deeply love and accept myself.”

3. Keep repeating this phrase while staring into your eyes feeling love and appreciation for yourself.

4. Repeat this everyday and begin to notice how you are feeling better about yourself…

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The Subconscious Mind Mirror Technique For Success

  1. Robert Crampton says:

    It always states “What you think about you bring about”, . and Dr Viktor Frankl state in his book, “Man Search for Meaning”, there is knowledge to be gained in all suffering”

  2. awes1397 says:

    Thanks Robert, yes I agree with that – Frankl’s book is a great read! All the best, Colin

  3. Ronnie says:

    Diginal Vascharge

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