Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Anxiety

An anxious day is going to be a bad day. You’ll feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed and won’t hit your targets or get anywhere near them, in fact. However, there are many tricks and tips you can use to reset your balance and give yourself some time to just take a breath, and think. Being able to do this is very important as it will save you from having days where things just get that little bit too much for you.



Using mindfulness mediation techniques, you can push out stress and anxiety from your system. This effective meditation will help you move on from a day that has just had too many negatives, and allow you to have more control over your body again.

As you can imagine, meditating for the first time can be really difficult. You feel like a child again, unable to sit in silence. Make sure your practice sessions are only a few minutes long at first – too long and you can start to interfere with your mind and lose any positivity your practice has built up.

Over time, your will be able to hold the meditation for longer – but at first, you will just need to concentrate on getting into the state. Your environment also plays a big role in the success of your meditation practice. All you need is an area of your home that is without distraction and where you won’t be interrupted. Take off all heavy jewellery and shoes, so you can be as free and comfortable as your body will allow.

Keep in mind that meditation is not like doing squats or using the punchbag – there’s no specific aggressor that will start the process for you. As soon as you’re comfortable and no longer distracted by the world around you, then you can start to meditate. Once you are comfortable, start focusing on what’s going on inside –get some breathing exercises going to try and take your mind away from the normal thought processes.

If you find yourself wandering mentally, keep returning to the breathing exercises. However, don’t let yourself become so focused that you drift off into a sleep and lose your progress entirely! The most important part of any mindfulness meditation is to acknowledge your thoughts.



During your focused period, you will need to fight off a huge array of negative and paranoid thoughts. Instead of pushing them aside as if you are running through a crowd, listen to these problems and these fears – let them pass off after they have had their say. Learning to sit in your own mind is so important for mental maturity; it will stop you reacting for no reason.

When you feel like you have made some progress on this front, and you have confronted your own mentality, simply bring yourself back to reality and do some stretches to get yourself more fully present. Take some time to reflect on what you just learned – did it help you? Do you feel any better?

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