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"Now You Can Have The Best Mind Power Secrets Ever Discovered In This One Powerful, Easy To Master eBook!"

Save Thousands of Dollars And Hundreds Of Hours By Using THIS Simple Guide Instead Of Searching Through A Mountain of Books, Tapes, and Courses!

Imagine having a collection of Mind Changing Tools to hand that are specially crafted for resolving, and indeed improving, any area of your life. Each technique is explained in a straight-forward, no nonsense, STEP-BY-STEP style in one easy access eBook. Many of the mind-blowing techniques you will discover as you read on are unique, unavailable anywhere else on the entire planet!

This e-book is a wonderful resource for anybody interested in using their mind more. It brings together a treasure trove of techniques, in one extremely user friendly and clear format. One is tempted to try them out as soon as possible, not only working with other people, but as self-help too. I do not believe there is any similar resource available either on the internet or in bookshops.”

Rita Leaman. www.yorkhumangivens.co.uk

Mastering yourself with Awesome Mind Power Techniques will give you...

  • Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

  • The Power to Control Your Negative Thoughts

  • Increased Self-Esteem and Personal Power

  • Greater Social Confidence

  • Better Health & Vitality

From: Colin G Smith
Author, "Awesome Mind Power Techniques"

Dear Mind Secrets Seeker,

Do you want instant access to every awesome mind trick, tool and technique that accelerates your personal power, performance, growth and change?

Do you want to go straight to the mother lode, without having to waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours digging through countless books, tapes, and courses?

What ever stage you are at in your life, effective mind changing techniques can radically help you achieve more. So it makes sense to want to learn more about the outstanding benefits you can achieve with the tools in the Awesome Mind Secrets Treasure Chest.

This is Fantastic. For people like me, and I am sure there are others out there the same, who see or hear something that makes you think 'WOW that's great' or 'Cool, that will be really useful in the future' and then when the time comes that you really need it cannot remember where you found it, or placed it for safe keeping. I know this eBook will be absolutely invaluable for me in my work as a Life coach. When I am coaching and generally working with my clients I now know I can have all my resources and techniques to hand exactly when I need them. I have always said that in my work I have that proverbial 'Skill bag' with me and now the eBook will be exactly that. Cheers Colin for the work you have done to collate and produce my 'Toolkit.'”

Steve Rhodes, www.Inspiring-Breakthrough.co.uk

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques this eBook will teach you:

  • Develop your Sense of Personal Power with the best Mind Tools and Techniques (Starting on page 27.)

  • Increase your feelings of Self-Esteem with The Love Cycle (Page 38) within the Chapter: Self Esteem & Personal Power.

  • Set-up, in less than 3 minutes, an automatic, 'Hey, you are AMAZING!', reminder that works throughout the day with the Magical 'YOU' Card Trick (Page 29.)

  • Eliminate those negative voices in your head with The Negative Voice Mute Switch (Page 108.)

  • Get motivated to do any task (make more money?) by installing your own Internal Propulsion System (Page 24.)

  • Finally get rid of lifetime phobias in less than 5 minutes with the Fast Phobia Cure (Page 44.)

  • Make life more fun by discovering The Automatic Giggle Installer (Page 94.)

It took a few years of wondering aimlessly through the Mind Secrets jungle before I learned to Do The Things that really mattered and which invariably turned out to be the simplest methods all along. Colin has provided a solution to the problem I faced by taking the most effective methods from a variety of technologies such as NLP, Silva, Energy-Work, Hypnosis etc, and compiling them into an handbook that integrates aspects of all these technologies and gives a step-by-step approach to some of the most effective patterns and techniques from these technologies.

This ebook is packed full of strategies and skills that will bring power (and pleasure!) into your life. No jargon, no abstract theory, just simple to follow instructions that are easy to learn and practice. Learn one or two of the patterns each day, Go Out And Practice in the real world and you will Begin To Experience real effective and immediate change in your life”

Warren Smith (Finance Officer, Leeds, UK)

  • Discover how to Eliminate Allergic Responses in less than 10 minutes (Page 78.)

  • Eradicate life-long limiting beliefs with The Belief Dissolver in the chapter, “It's All About Beliefs” (Page 85.)

  • Gain powerful new insights for problem solving and creativity enhancement with the tools in the “Creative Problem Solving” chapter (Starting on page 55.)

  • Install a 'Humourising Slider' on your arm so you can 'program' loads more fun into your life (Page 95.)

  • Stop those flaming nagging voices in your head with the infamous “R.B. Mantra!” (Page 103.)

  • Nail biter? Chocoholic? Smoke like a chimney? Caffeine addict? Destroy unwanted compulsions with The Compulsion Blowout (Page 73.)

Colin, the chapter 'Its all about Beliefs' is worth more than the price of the Ebook. This is an excellent Ebook. Its chock full of very powerful techniques, that are very easy to learn, I now have an abundance of motivation and fun - thanks to the 'Magic Iris Technique'. I was blown away because I didn't expect the wealth of techniques in one place that a beginner or expert can pick up and use immediately. Since I started using your techniques my life has improved way beyond my expectations. Thank you.”

Michael Wise (London, UK)

A few more secrets you'll discover....

  • Learn how to easily and effectively Integrate Two Conflicting Beliefs making you more congruent or “all systems go!” (Page 83.)

  • Eat a Healthier DIET by re-programming your mind/body to prefer healthier foods. Two super-quick techniques, in the 'Health & Healing' section, that can change your eating habits in less than 5 minutes (Page 73.)

  • Master the Secrets of Meditation and connecting to the higher dimensions of mind with the Meditations chapter (Starting on Page 68.)

  • Discover a simple and powerful technique called 'Instant Inspiration.' Very useful for artists, creative writers, musicians, professional speakers.... (Page 128.)

  • Become More Relaxed and in control of yourself with the profound tools in the 'Relaxation' chapter (Starting on Page 110.)

  • Master the technique of Modelling Genius. Who are your Role Models? Discover their beliefs and attitudes about success, money, relationships and spirituality (Page 90.)

Hi Colin,

Thanks again, I think its an excellent product. What I like about it is that its very practical; normally takes having to read 10 to 15 books to glean what you've managed to condense into a pocket size guide!

I will promote it on my sites very soon.”

Regards, Bobby

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To Your Personal Growth,

Colin G Smith

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