Life’s Weird Little Motivation Rule (It Works!)

Recently I had a working holiday on the west cost of the UK. The estate I was staying on had a Woodland walk which was over-run with weeds. Let’s just say it looked like a jungle!

Each day we would be digging out big hog weeds, nettles and ground elder while making stringy balls out of the cleavers. After a couple of days you could begin to see the actual path.

Day after day of weeding this jungle, along with rainy, windy days did get a bit tedious and the motivation to continue began to lag at times. This got me thinking about mind power and how to keep motivated while doing mundane tasks…

I began asking myself, “Why am I doing this?” and also, “What is important about getting this task done?

In answering these questions I began to think about how the spruced up woodland walk would bring a lot of enjoyment to couples, families and people in general. Up at the top of the woodland was a tree swing and benches and tables for picnics, along with a simple stage for musicians to play their favourite tunes.

This is of course what is known as ‘The Big Picture.’ By asking the questions above we can discover the big picture or outcome of the repetitive mundane tasks that we do.

With the ‘big picture’ in mind I asked myself, “What will achieving this outcome DO FOR ME?

It will give me:

  • A feeling of pride
  • A sense of satisfaction
  • A sense of accomplishment

When you answer the question, “What will achieving this outcome do for me?”, the answers you get are what are known as your values.

These are the emotional feelings you value as important and they drive your motivation to get things done.

As you answer these questions you may become aware of the imagery you make in your minds eye. You can enhance these pictures to increase the motivating feelings. For example maybe you see yourself feeling proud and satisfied with a job well done, picturing various people enjoying what you’ve done for them with your work.

Increase the size of the image. Make it brighter. Turn up the colours. Make it panoramic. Crank the volume.

Now notice your feelings.

Once you’ve gone through this process you can bring the successful outcome to mind any time you need a motivation boost when you are doing those mundane tasks.

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