Laughter Therapy Techniques to Lighten Your Day

It’s well known that laughter is one of the best natural antidotes to the effects of stress. So why do we not do it more often? It’s really just down to habits. And a lot of us in modern society are way too focussed on the serious side of life. It’s good to do simple exercises to help loosen the internal funny muscles because it helps us reduce stress quickly and easily. So give yourself 5 minutes to practice the following Rapid Humour Therapy Techniques:

1. Speaking Gibberish in the Mirror 

Stare at yourself in the mirror and begin talking gibberish to that person in front of you. “Blah de blah blah blaaaah!” Why not pull funny faces to? How long can you grin your biggest grin before cracking up laughing?

2. A Funny Gesture

When you find something hilarious what gesture would epitomise that feeling? Go ahead and discover what movements demonstrate that state of being. Is it rapid hand shaking while smiling a big grin? Or how about jumping up and down on your toes…

3. Art Gallery Picture Frame

Think about a situation that causes you stress. Picture it in your minds eye; SEE YOURSELF in the situation, and notice the other people and the surroundings.

Now imagine placing a gallery frame around that picture; is it a thick golden frame? Is it oval or rectangular or another more interesting shape. Play with this and notice how it changes your emotional response.

4. A Friends Laughter

Do you have one of those special friends that are really good at helping you laugh at your sorrows and woes in life? Think about their special laughter. Hear it nice and loud in your mind. And now think about one of the situations in your life that is stressing you out. Now hear your friends laughter nice and clearly. Repeat this process a few times; that should lighten your emotional response to the situation you choose.

5. Evoke The Angel of Clowning

Did you know that there is an Angel of Clowning? Yes, it’s true you know! Breathe in and out a few times and then imagine you are blowing up a big funny clown in front of you; breathe life into him so he becomes alive. Now looking at him, noticing his gestures ask him, “How can I have more fun?” and “How can I lighten up?”

Now just remember, in future, you can pull your Angel of Clowning out of your pocket anytime you need to lighten up.

The exercises above are simple and fun to do. If you practice them regularly it could surprise you how much you lighten up in your everyday life. Doing something to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety is essential these days for our overall health and well-being. So why not share these exercises with friends and double the fun!

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