7 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up While Remaining Healthy This Winter

Winter is on it’s way… With the nights drawing in, the temperature dropping and the increase in rain, cold and damp, it’s easy to understand how people’s spirits can be dampened around winter time. So what can we do to maintain a positive outlook on life despite the external conditions? The following simple tips can help you keep your spirits up:

1. Walking in Waterproofs

Everyone knows that going for a short walk has many health benefits. Just 15 minutes will balance your brain-hemisphere’s and give you a nice general feeling of well-being. By wearing waterproofs you’ll still be dry when your back inside the house.

2. Drinking Hot Chocolate

Drink something you enjoy that is warming and stimulating in the morning. I’d recommend Chilli Hot Chocolate!

3. Raining Gratitude

When it seems to be raining constantly its easy to forget how important those water droplets are for sustaining life on planet earth. Take a few moments to feel gratitude for mother nature’s generosity and genius.

4. Summer Sounds

What’s your favourite summer music? Choose some of your favourite summer songs and play them loud! Or walk around swiftly with them playing on your MP3 player. Dance about if you can feel it!

5. Hot Bath / Spa

Enjoy a hot bath with bubbles. Or go to a Spa. Enjoy feeling the sensations of your body warming up and feel rejuvenated.

6. Bright & Colourful

Practice consciously brightening up your thoughts about upcoming events. Think about an upcoming event; Now picture it, make it bigger, increase the intensity of the colours and turn up the brightness. There you go! Why not do this on a few other future events…

7. The Warmth Of Friendship

In the winter months make a special effort to meet up with friends on a regular basis. You could schedule a weekly time to connect for chats, movies, food swaps, drinks or games.

To beat the winter blues it’s good to remember the old adage, “You get more of what you focus on.” By consciously focussing on the good things in life, and following simple methods like those above, we can maintain a positive attitude in life even when the outside world seems bleak.

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7 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up While Remaining Healthy This Winter

  1. I have been meditating for 28 years. When I try to meditate by sitting upright, there is a tendency for me to nod off to sleep. Upon one occasion I was sitting on the arm of my couch whilst meditating. When I dozed off, I fell off of the couch and landed on all fours!

    I have contemplated getting a recliner chair for mediation purposes to keep me from dozing off. Have you any suggestions as to how I can stay awake during the entire meditation session?

    Thank you

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