Is It The End Of The Word?

We live in a dualistic Universe. There are positive and negative energies. Ying and Yang. Of course whether something is positive or negative depends on your point of view. Language is full of labels which attach these polarised perceptions. The most fundamental human duality is that of Bad/Good. We’re always judging things as being either good or bad.

The words we use with others and ‘in our head’ has a very powerful influence in how we respond to the world. By changing the language we use, we can change our perceptions, solve problems and discover new ways of seeing the world.

The following technique was created by Yugoslavian author, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, who has wrote many interesting books on what he calls, ‘Spiritual Technology.’ It’s surprisingly simple yet can get great results.

End Of Words

1. What is the problem you want to solve specifically?

State this as your subjective experience. e.g.) “I’m not earning enough money,” more specifically becomes, “I don’t feel I am capable of earning a decent living.”

You now alternate between the following two questions and write down what comes to mind. Keep going until you’ve no words left; The End of Words. It will come sooner than you might think!

What’s bad about the problem?

What’s good about the problem?

2. At the ‘end of words’ ask yourself, “What is the matter with the problem we started from?”

“Do you still feel it as a problem?”

So there you go! It’s a very simple and elegant process that can achieve useful results. Here’s an interesting quote from ‘Return To Oneness’ by Slavinski that explains how he came up with the idea for what he terms, “Verbal Reduction and Expansion (VRE)” Techniques:

“Data, which I have been collecting For a long time, cumulated some energy and in one moment there happened a quantum jump as with an electrical spark and a new revelation appeared. I was strongly impressed by the thought that nations, which lost their language, vanished from existence.

It brought me to the creation of the method of Verbal Reduction and Expansion (VRE). Its basic idea was my own discovery that with the reduction and vanishing of the words with which we describe a problem that problem simultaneously vanishes.”

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Is It The End Of The Word?

  1. Great article Colin. Will see how it works with teenage girls.

  2. colingsmith says:

    Thanks Michael, I hope it’s helpful…

  3. No doubt, words are some of the most powerful factors in the world. Good article.

  4. awes1397 says:

    Thanks Syed

  5. Waldemar says:

    Very simple and powerful

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