Becoming More Resourceful With Instant Music Therapy

Everyone knows about the power of music or sound. You can be in a bit of a stupor but when you hear a certain piece of music your spirits are instantly lifted! It’s a universal phenomena…

“Music is able to create an incredibly pleasurable experience that can be described as “chills”.[46] Blood and Zatorre (2001) used PET to measure changes in cerebral blood flow while participants listened to music that they knew to give them the “chills” or any sort of intensely pleasant emotional response. They found that as these chills increase, many changes in cerebral blood flow are seen in brain regions such as the amygdala, orbitofrontal cortex, ventral striatum, midbrain, and the ventral medial prefrontal cortex. Many of these areas appear to be linked to reward, motivation, emotion, and arousal, and are also activated in other pleasurable situations.[46] Nucleus accumbens (a part of striatum) is involved in both music related emotions, as well as rhythmic timing.” –

The healing effects of music can be magical. Put your favourite album on and crank up the sound. Elevate your mood. Certain sounds induce different states of being. Soothing, classical instruments tend to create relaxing states of being. Fast paced rhythmical percussive sounds will tend to get you feeling motivated.

Probably the first musical instrument ever created by humans, the Didgeridoo, is well known for it’s meditative trance inducing qualities. When you combine two or more instruments, ‘beat frequencies’ can be introduced which entrains the brain into the ‘beat frequency.‘ For example if you have one instrument playing at a frequency of 58 Hz and the other is at 65 Hz, the difference would be at 7hz which is of course associated with Alpha brain waves.

I discovered this rather exceptional example of dual (or is it three?) Didge music here (Listen with headphones):

One of the wonderful things about music is that there are so many different styles. You can stimulate all the types of emotion you want by picking the right music. Now one of the things you can do with music is re-program your mind’s associations, enabling you to be more resourceful in situations in life where you need it.

Think about a situation, maybe at work or at home, where it would be useful to feel more resourceful. As you think about it now what music would enable you to feel more resourceful?

Instant Music Therapy Technique

  1. Think of some music that makes you feel resourceful.
  2. Now think of a specific situation where you would like to feel more personal power.
  3. Hear the music nice and loud in your mind while imagining the situation. What/who can you see/hear? Go through to the end of the vignette while hearing that music nice and clear.
  4. Stop and think about something totally different such as what you had for breakfast.
  5. Now think of the situation you choose in step 2 again and notice how it feels different.
  6. It is a good idea to run this quick process with a few other situations. Doing so will make it more likely that your mind will generalise the resource state into other situations in your life.

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Becoming More Resourceful With Instant Music Therapy

  1. I love the digeridoo. We brought one back from Australia some years ago. I have yet to master the art of getting a sound out of it though. The sound is very soulful and seems to reach deep within.

  2. awes1397 says:

    That’s great Janet! I visited Oz a few years ago and had a go at playing the Didge. Couldn’t really get the hang of circular breathing… It’s a wonderful sound though!

  3. I have experience in using music at different times in emotional growth seminars and teen esteem groups to reinforce a teaching concept by engaging the emotions through music.

  4. awes1397 says:

    That sounds great – increasing emotional intelligence with music!

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