Almost Instant Motivation For Mundane Tasks

We’ve all got mundane tasks that need to be done on a a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to become almost instantly motivated to complete any mundane task such as; cleaning, washing up, doing the laundry or food shopping…

The interesting thing is we can all get motivated easily about some things such as drinking your favourite cup of coffee or watching your favourite sport, while to some people those things are actually de-motivating.

In essence what this tells us is that anything can become motivating – It’s really just a matter of perspective.

So, what’s motivating to you? This could be anything you choose; Your favourite food/drink, your favourite sex act, your favourite sport, your favourite hobby…

Visualising and thinking about one of those now will give you a feeling of motivation towards doing it.

Now you can associate those feelings into the mundane task image using a special visualisation method that will generate motivation for getting the task done.

Mundane Tasks Motivation Technique


1. Mundane Task Image:

What is it you want to get done?

See yourself in the image of the mundane task you want to get done.

Put that image aside for the moment.

2. Choose Motivating Images:

What motivates you?

  • Your Favourite Food/Drink
  • Your Favourite Sex Act
  • Your Favourite Sport
  • Your Favourite Hobby…

Pick four things.

Picture them and make them bigger

3. Place a postage stamp sized image of the mundane task in the middle of the big motivating pictures.

4. Look at all these images at once and notice the postage sized image in the middle perhaps beginning to change.

5. If you wish you could symbolise each of the motivating images as a symbol and put it inside the  mundane task picture.

So from now on if you ever find the need to get motivated to do some mundane tasks you’ll know you can draw on some of your natural motivating thought patterns. Access them, blow up the imagery and see yourself in the middle of those pictures getting the mundane task done!

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