How to Solve Problems and Access Creative Genius with The Wheel of Knowledge

“All Resources are Within”

This has become quite a well known idea but how can you actually make real use of it? We all possess a wealth of unconscious data: Failures we’ve learned from, success’s, dreams, ideas, concepts, beliefs, habits, memories. All of it is available to us if we learn how to access it in the right way. And is it just possible to be able to access information beyond our own unconscious mind?

One of the quickest routes into the unconscious database is with the use of ’empowering questions.’ The mind moves in a direction. That is, it is goal orientated. By asking a well formed question you can direct the mind to open up the Gold Mine of Information!

How can I solve this problem? What new creative ideas can I come up with? How could I view this in a new empowering way? What do I need to do to change this situation around?

Now asking these empowering questions and allowing the answers to start entering into your conscious mind will give you access to new resources. That is great, but how cool would it be if you could go a step further and gain access to the wisdom of genius’s?

In Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think & Grow Rich,” he talks about using the power of imagination to create a ‘Master Mind’ group. A person visualises being in a meeting with their chosen role models and imagines communicating with them about their projects, gleaning gold nuggets of insight.

You could of course choose Genius’s dead or alive, real or fiction. Doing the imagination experiment and asking good questions some how enables you to unlock amazing creative resources!

Now imagine what would happen if you could get all your favourite genius’s and role models together to form a ‘Personal Hypnotic Coaching Team.’ That would be pretty groovy right?

Have you ever experienced an hypnotic ‘double induction’? This is where you have two people on either side of you giving you positive suggestions as you sink into trance. It’s quite a profound experience. Don Quan and his Shamanic merry men used to play around with it back in the day…

Anyway I came up with a very neat Self Hypnosis Technique that I call, “The Wheel of Knowledge” that makes use of ‘Good Questions,’ ‘The Master Mind,’ ‘Hypnotic Double Induction,’ and ‘Hypnotic Suggestion.’

It’s a great technique that enables you to access your inner resources and just possibly from out there! The first thing to do is set your intention. What is the outcome you want to achieve? Then come up with a good question to ask the Genius Role Models.

The Wheel of Knowledge

1. Relax into Trance

2. Set Intention and think of a good question to ask your Role Models: eg) “I want to…”, “How can I…”

3. Choose Role Models / Genius’s

4. Visualise a Big Wheel (Like the London Eye?) on your Left & Right

5. Place Role Models alternatively left & right onto the Wheel. As you do so establish contact with each Role Model with eye contact. Say Hello.

6. Start hearing answers and suggestions to your Question /Intent.

7. Start moving the wheel while continuing to hear suggestions.

8. As the wheel begins to go faster and faster you won’t be able to decipher the ‘Double Induction’ so just allow your unconscious to integrate the suggestions…

*You may well become confused as the wheel and suggestions spin really fast. This is fine though as confusion often precedes new understanding and the technique utilises this Hypnotic and Half Second Rule Principle.

Because this is basically a Self Hypnosis Technique you can expect some interesting things to happen in your future! Look out for spontaneous combustions. Err nope sorry, I mean spontaneous changes and ‘ahhh haaa’ moments. Pleasant surprises and insights.

And depending on what you intended and asked for, you could have wonderful things happening in your future. Things get unconsciously ‘future paced’ by the Hypnotic Genius’s! So why not give this a go on the Wheel of Knowledge: “How can I enjoy life more?”

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