How to Shapeshift: Shape-Shifting Skills for Fun & Freedom

Everyone wants more freedom. Can you imagine if you knew how to become a shapeshifter! Don’t you think that would empower you? As you know real freedom comes from within. And learning to shift our mind or change our perspective on things, with volition, is the key.

Our sense of the ‘external reality’ around us is strongly influenced by our internal ‘maps’ of reality. From time to time we have certain thoughts that restrict our sense of freedom. These thoughts are sometimes beliefs that were formed earlier in our life and are now out of date!

Have you ever seen one of those optical illusion drawings? You know the ones where there is a picture and at first glance you can just see one face. But as you continue looking and change your focus ever so slightly you get a surprise when another image in the picture appears!

how to shapeshift

New perspectives can be very powerful and you don’t necessarily need to view things from a radically different perspective. Just a small shift can bring about a profound change.

If you were to recall a recent situation where you would have preferred to act in a more resourceful manner, could you imagine reviewing the situation from a different angle?

How about looking at it as if it were a movie, with you in it?


Shamanic Shape-Shifting

Now you can start to use your mind to get some really interesting perspectives on things by shapeshifting into an animals point of view:

What new information would arise if you viewed it from the perspective of a giant eagle?

A field mouse?

A powerful puma?

Or how about the viewpoint of a fly with it’s one hundred eye vision?!


Of course you need to actually experience these ‘shapeshifting spells‘ so give them a go because this kind of visualisation can unleash your creative mind and allow you to make new realisations as your unconscious reveals previously hidden information.

And the more you use your mind, the more you build faith in your own ability. And when that faith builds you find yourself able to make the changes you desire more easily, your self-esteem begins to build and you will inspire others with your new sense of freedom!

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