How To Improve Body Image And Self-Esteem

Never satisfied with the way you look? Feel like you are not good enough in comparison with the people around you? First of all, you should never despise yourself. If you don’t think you worth much, why should others think any different? Also, why do you have bad thoughts about yourself? It is not pleasant to hear them coming from another person, so then why do you do these things to your own person? Here are some ideas an tips to improve your image and your opinion about yourself.

Never Compare Yourself With Other People

Stop looking at others and wishing to look just like them. That is insane, not to mention that it’s impossible either. Each human being is unique and it’s good to acknowledge that. The person next to you may be unique due to his or her curly hair. You may have other advantages, like beautiful eyes, silky hair, tall legs and many other characteristics. Look in the mirror and focus only on the advantages you see.

Take Care Of Yourself Properly

Don’t go to the salon only when the holiday’s are approaching. Make it a more regular habit, since feeling pampered will definitely get you feeling better about yourself. Don’t go out of the house without minimum care, like combed hair, a bit of gloss, mascara, or a clean shirt and being shaved, in the case of men. The respect you’re giving to yourself will be reflected in the respect others will manifest towards you. So it is important to let others see that you appreciate yourself enough.

Dress The Way You Feel And Like

It is wrong to think that clothes and small accessories cannot improve the way we look. Of course, we should not transform clothes shopping into an obsession, but buying baggy and unattractive clothes are not a solution either. You can afford from time to time a scarf, a lovely blouse, some beautiful shoes, or a pair of earrings. Whatever makes you feel more beautiful and manages to brighten your day. Just a small item, such as a hat, can make you feel happier and even more stylish.

Take Care Of Your Living Space

You will definitely not be able to feel good if the house you are living in does not emanate positive vibes. Pick your favourite colour and change your curtains, buy some nice pillows and some small decorative items. Make sure everything is properly cleaned and aired. You can even buy some scented candles to make the place warmer and smell better. Perhaps even get a few green plants. You will see just how valuable the space you’re living in is when it comes to your mood and opinion about yourself.

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How To Improve Body Image And Self-Esteem

  1. It is a choice the way you wish to look and feel. One has only to read Dr. Viktor Frankl’s book on “Man Search for Meaning” You may tale all thing for a person but one. “It is his choice of Attitude on any given situation at that moment” this can be taken away for any one.

  2. awes1397 says:

    Good point, thanks Robert! That’s a great book to read…

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