Seven Easy Ways To De-Stress At Work

Imagine someone who has just completed his day’s work at the office, and is about to leave for home. The phone rings, he picks it up just to realise it is his boss on the other end who wants him to prepare an urgent report. The guy would probably feel stressed out.How-to-De-Stress-at-Work

We all suffer this kind of stress at our workplaces, but there are some simple ways that can help you in dealing with it. Once you start using these stress relievers at work, you will surely feel a change in your satisfaction and performance levels:

  • Start your day early: It is a known fact that when you are late for office in the morning, you remain stressed throughout the day. A peaceful and relaxed start to the day would help keep your stress levels down.
  • Eat the right things, at the right time and in the right quantity: This is one of the most simple stress relievers at work. A heavy lunch, taken at 3PM may definitely make you feel lazy, and hinder your work. So, a balanced and well timed meal will help you stay energetic and stress free.
  • Do some stretching: This is an answer to all those people who have a sedentary job, and keep asking how to de stress at work. Stretching is the best way to relax your muscles, and relieve tension off your body.
  • Relax your eyes: Our eyes cannot cope with long hours of staring in to computer screens. After a while, you will start feeling tired and stressed out. So, it is always best to have some visual relaxation after regular intervals. Take a look at a plant, an art piece, or your loved one’s picture.
  • Keep your desk neat and organised: Quite often you find that just because you are not able to locate an important file or CD you begin to feel stressed. By keeping all the stuff on your desk organised, you can save yourself from unnecessary stress at work.
  • Move around: If you keep sitting at one place, doing the same work for long, stress keeps piling up and you’ll feel tired. Just walk around to the coffee room, water cooler, or to a colleague’s desk to unwind. These small breaks go a long way in keeping you fresh and help you in dealing with stress.
  • Listen to some soothing music: If possible, listen to some light instrumental or classical music at your workplace. It is a great way of managing stress at work.

Everyday has many stressful events. It’s up to us to look after our own health and wellbeing. Managing our stress levels at work is an important part of this. By practicing simple methods consistently we can help ourselves achieve this. You can learn more about How to De Stress at Work with my free PDF Special Report.

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Seven Easy Ways To De-Stress At Work

  1. Colin, this article made me happier, because I am working on stress here in Pakistan. I am also Licensed NLPer, and your guides in this article very practical and easy to use in daily life. Thanks again. I wish, I may translate in into Urdu and publish with your name on my website:

  2. awes1397 says:

    Thanks Syed, I’m glad you have found my materials useful. Sure, you can translate it and put it on your website. All the best, Colin

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