How To Become A Shapeshifter In The Big City


So you want to learn how to become a shapeshifter? Just what is a shape-shifter anyway? Most people when asked think shape shifting is being able to transform into an animal like a Puma or a mythical creature such as a dragon.

Traditionally shapeshifting has been practised for embracing the spirit of power animals such as lions, eagles or leopards. The practitioner goes into trance and takes on the characteristics of their chosen ‘power animal.‘ Basically it is an imagination experiment where you perform hypnotic deep trance identification, vanish your Self and identify as fully as possible with the subject – becoming it in your mind.

By practising this visualisation process you can experience some of the characteristics you perceive in the subject. For example if you shape shift into an Eagle, you could begin to experience a sense of freedom soaring high in the sky. Your sense of vision would expand and become far reaching with a keen sense of clarity. You would you see your goals (pray) easily and quickly snap up the opportunity with both ‘hands.’

It’s a great exercise to shape shift into different animals to experience the range of traits each unique creature possess. But you can of course shapeshift into any object you chose with your amazing imagination!

While it would be nice to live out in the wild most of us are living in the concrete jungle. So how can you have fun and gain useful insights with Shamanistic skills in the big city?

Well you can, you just need to start perceiving things a little differently. Have a walk around town and discover what you can find. What trees are around? Are there any ‘water features?’ What statues are about?

To give you a concrete example of what I’m talking about, I’ll describe a short Shamanic Journey I took from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station:

shapeshifter-waterThe first thing I came across was an office courtyard with a water feature. There was a cobbled brick path with water gently trickling along. As I looked at it, I allowed myself to be mesmerised by it’s hypnotic flow and imagined shape-shifting into the flow of water.

Quickly getting a sense of this I asked, “What insights can you give me about my life?” At this I then noticed the reflection in the water of the tall office blocks. For me this was a reminder to keep looking up and go for the higher levels (spiritual).

shape-shift-stonesMoving on I came across these stepping stones. This was an obvious manifestation: What steps do I need to take to move forward with my goals. It was interesting to identify with each stone and experience the flow of life (the River) moving between each step.

Walking across town a few minutes later I discovered a spiralling car park entrance. The Universe functions with the dynamic of spirals or the vortex. It was a simple shape-shift. I got the sense of moving forwards, onwards and upwards. The important part was to get the sense of the spiralling upwards energy.

shapeshifting-spiralAs I experienced this spiralling upwards energy  I found myself rising higher up and was able to imagine being one with the Galactic Centre! Personally I found that pretty exhilarating. So if you are attracted to learning how to become a shapeshifter, where could you start your ‘Shamanic Journey’ today in your town and what insights would you want the Universe to manifest for you? (I’d be interested to hear about your results…)

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