“Happiness is… Extra Energy, Less Stress and Realising Your Dreams!”



If you want to be happier one of the things you need first is peace of mind. The busyness of life causes a lot of stress. To get to happiness we start off by reducing our ‘background stress.’ A useful thing to do is grade your current level of stress on the SUE Scale. Simply notice how stressed you feel with -10 representing total melt down and zero meaning completely neutral.

It’s a useful tool to use because it encourages you to move up the scale towards the +10 which is pure bliss!

One of the best methods that’s been discovered to de-stress fast is what’s known as The Energetic Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It’s also known as Energy Tapping. Energy EFT is surprisingly simple and can reduce general everyday stress often in less than fifteen minutes.

Energising Your Life

When you have done several rounds of Tapping you will find yourself at the Zero point on the SUE Scale. This is where it gets exciting. You now have the real choice to energise your life! Imagine what kinds of wonderful resourceful states of mind you want to experience now… What would make you feel really alive and energised?!

Tap these energetic states of mind using Energy EFT and take several minutes to move up the SUE Scale towards +10. It will be well worth your effort!

Dreaming The Dream Beyond The Dream

Now you’ve got yourself into a fantastic state of mind it’s time to dream. And dream BIG! Dream the dream beyond the dream! Allow yourself to fantasise about YOUR future. This is about opening your mind to possibilities – You can do the reality checks and real-world plans afterwards.

What do you want to Be?

What do you want to Do?

What do you want to Have?

Write your thoughts down. Make a mind map. You could have a branch for the different areas of your life; Work, Relationships, Family, Leisure, Health and so on…

So to quickly re-cap, first off you need to de-stress. When you’ve got to the Zero Point you want to energise yourself with positive, empowering emotions and states of being. Now’s the time to dream and dream big. Open your mind up to possibilities because the future is full of unlimited potential. You can then make solid plans from your most inspiring ideas and take your first step to head towards fulfilling those dreams – starting today if you choose!

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