6 Tips For Goal Setting Success At Work



We spend more than half of our life at our workplace, trying to give our best to the job we do. However, staying motivated everyday can be difficult. You have to be sure you have ways to stay motivated to perform well. Although encouragement and applause are not daily events, you can still opt for goal setting at work in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, you will be able to avoid excessive workloads, last minute work tasks and even stress because you will be more focussed to make better decisions while overcoming self limiting beliefs…

Here are six ways you can transform your work by setting goals:

  • The first rule of setting goals is to keep them realistic. Let’s say that you cannot spend more than 9 hours in a day at your workplace and on an average, you can complete only 8 tasks assigned to you. If you wish to set realistic goals, start with 10 tasks in a day. (If you try to make it 16 or 20, you will lose motivation and end up doing less than your average.)
  • Learn to prioritise things. Out of the 8 tasks you have been assigned, 2 would be urgent and 3 would be needed immediately. Therefore, you have to focus on what is immediate and important and also make provisions for the rest. This rule also holds true for your quarterly workplace goals.
  • When you prioritise things, you also learn about the goals and tasks that are popularly called workplace clutter. When you know what is important for you, you must get rid of all that is unimportant. You will feel lighter and also feel better in task handling and goal setting later.
  • Categorise your goals as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual.
  • Go for a quality check each weekend. Try to take 10 minutes from your schedule each weekend and assess whether or not you have been able to stay true to your goals. This is one of the most important rules for goal setting.
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    De-stress as frequently as possible. Waiting for a two week vacation each year makes your work life dull and lifeless. Instead, take small breaks and utilise your weekends effectively. Do whatever you love and if possible, find some time for meditation. Remember, only a clear and worry free mind will be able to ensure proper goal setting at work.

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