Future Self Meditation: How to get Help from the Wiser You



Practicing future self meditation is a great way to tap into the enormous creative abilities of the human mind. Basically, using your imagination, you can imaginer communicating with your wiser future self. This could be a you from a few years or decades from now. Or it could be a you from a future life or even, a parallel Universe.

Performing future self meditation can reveal amazing insights that can benefit you in the present moment. Let’s say you have a project you are working on and you could use some creative insight. By communicating with the “wiser future self” it is possible to ask questions to gain insight into the best way to move forward with the project.

Useful Questions:

  • “What could that person do to solve the problem effectively?”
  • “What type of person does he/she have to become to resolve that issue?”
  • “What could that person do to move forward?”
  • “What would that you have to have learned so as to solve that problem?”
Future Self Meditation Script

1. Get yourself comfortable and relax more deeply focussing on your breathing for a while.

2. Think about a project you would like new insight/inspiration into.

3. Now imagine a wiser future you or an evolved self from a parallel universe; Notice what that you looks like. How does that you stand? Breathe? Talk?4. Notice them in front of you: Say hello. Make contact.

5. And then go ahead and ask some questions. Take your time to allow your future self to answer fully.

6. When satisfied, thank your future self and come back to the here and now and write down any new insights you gained from the interaction.

By practicing this type of future self meditation you can quickly establish good rapport with your future self, enabling you to more quickly tap into this vast resource of creativity. The fact is life is going to keep presenting us with challenges. So what would happen if you were to imagine having a conversation with your wiser future self, asking for guidance on how to be more resilient, more resourceful and more persevering?

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Future Self Meditation: How to get Help from the Wiser You

  1. Fantastic stuff. I m your big fan respected Collin Sir. Your NLP E books are like bible in my Coaching to individual clients and in my workshops. I m grateful to you Sir.

  2. awes1397 says:

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Doesn’t work for aliens like me. So, for all the other aliens out there, this isn’t for you.

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