Find Your Hidden Energy: Surprising New Ways

What’s With The Drained Energy Feeling?

Many people experience a lack of energy these days. So what causes this feeling of lethargy? There are many factors. Some of the more obvious are poor diet and lack of exercise. Another common energy drainer is dehydration. Eat more fresh fruit and veg, drink plenty of pure water, get outside in the fresh air and stretch your legs every day – It kept your Grandad fit didn’t it?!

Human beings have an energy system that moves life-force or Chi energy around the body and into the various organs. The Meridians are like pathways or channels for the energies to flow through. When we feel drained, it is due to the life force not being able to flow freely through the energy channels.

One of the best things to do to get your energy flowing good and strong again is to breath deeply. The breath is closely related to the subtle energy flow within the body and most of the time we breath very shallowly, especially when stressed out with work or whatever. So just breath in good deep breaths through the nose, pause and then release the breath with a long exhale. Do this for several minutes and then notice how you feel more energised.

In recent years there has been some interesting progress made in the fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. One of the most popular and succesful approaches has been a method based on stimulating the Accupressure points in the Meridian System to release energy blocks and create a free flow of the vital life force known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Your brain has two hemispheres. You may have heard them being refered to as the left-brain and the right-brain. The fact is in our society we are mainly functioning within the left hemisphere most of the time.

Stimulating the other side of the brain is good for your health and will make you feel more energised. Right-Brained activities include:

  • Drawing, painting or doodling
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Daydreaming or Visualisation
  • Listening to high quality music
  • Poetry
  • Meditation

Now with regards to visualisation I want to bring your attention to archetypal imagery. I was reading Živorad Mihajloviæ Slavinski’s, Transcendence and was impressed with the use of archetypal symbols in his ‘Elements of Transformation.’

Positive archetypal symbols give rise to spiritual emotions from deep within the psyche. Just by using visualisation you can raise your energy into the spiritual dimensions!

What symbols fire your emotions? A sunrise/sunset, a unicorn, a rainbow, a lion, the starry night sky, an angel, an excalibur.

Now sit for a moment and visualise your chosen symbol, big, bright and clear and notice the positive emotions arising, allowing that energy to amplify even more now…

How to Maintain a Positive Energy Field

Everything is habit or pattern. To increase your energy and maintain a positive energy flow everyday will take a bit of discipline. It will be worth it.

Get an index card and write the days of the week at the top.

Watch this Google Video of World Renowned Energy Healer, Donna Eden, teaching the 5 Minute Daily Energy Routine.

Practice it, do it every day – in the morning.

Learn the basic EFT tapping procedure from the link I gave earlier. And whenever you get a chance do a few rounds of tapping to de-stress throughout the day.

Tick the index card at the end of each day when you’ve remembered to cherish yourself with energy medicine!

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