How to Find Humour in Everything

Life is full of ups and downs and everyday frustrations that can often rob you of your joy and happiness. However, you can find humour in everything if you try and in turn, you may find that you enjoy life more. But finding humour in life is not always easy. You can improve your ability to do it thought however if you consider a few simple tips:

Perspective is Needed

Getting perspective is one of the first steps to finding humour in everyday life. Often we can’t see the funny side of things because we lose our perspective. For example, if we slip on the ice while walking to our car we immediately think that the neighbours are laughing at us and we’re just always klutzy and embarrassing. However, if you get some perspective, you’d realise the neighbours probably didn’t even see the incident and many people slip on the ice anyway.

Putting things in proper perspective is needed to see humour in everyday occurrences. Rather than assuming things are worse than they are, it’s good to minimise them and the impact they have on the day.

Imagine Life as a Comedy

Once you’ve gained some perspective about everyday occurrences you can then take the next step to seeing humour in everything that happens. Since you no longer exaggerate or blow things out of proportion, you can now add humour. Think of life as a comedy movie or TV show and ask yourself how people in that show would respond. If someone were to slip on the ice in a TV show, a friend might joke about how their ice skating lessons are not working out well for them.

Laugh at Yourself First

Being able to laugh at yourself first is also a key to seeing humour in everyday events. Once you put yourself in perspective and see your own life as a comedy show or movie, you can then begin to laugh at little things. When you slip on the ice, tell yourself that it was really an interpretive dance.

Rapid Humour Therapy Technique: “Circus Music” 

1. Pick your favourite funny music

You could search Youtube for:

Circus Music, The Benny Hill Theme, Rhubarb & Custard Theme

2. Now as you hear that funny music nice and loud and clear in your mind, imagine watching yourself going through a situation you would like to lighten up.

It’s like watching a little movie of yourself over there on the wall or whatever. Go from the beginning, watch yourself moving about, talking, interacting etc. and keep that music playing loud and clear in your mind as you watch the movie play out to the end.

NOTE: You can watch the movie in fast forward mode to add even more humour!

Go through your day trying to find the jokes and the laughter about your own life and in turn, you may soon see that you can find the humour in everyday events more easily. This will help reduce stress and switch on more of your feel good endorphins.

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How to Find Humour in Everything

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