Fast Decision Making Made Easy With The Power Of Intuition

Moment by moment our senses are bombarded with vast amounts of data. We can only pay attention to a small fraction of this sensory input consciously. But the unconscious regions of the mind take in and store huge quantities of information coming in through the senses. A common metaphor illustrates this; Picture an iceberg in the sea. You can see the top jutting out. That represents your conscious mind. Underwater, out of sight, lays a much larger chunk of ice – the unconscious.

The information stored in our unconscious mind is what helps us with intuitive decision making. We can learn to trust our intuitive abilities more and therefore make better and quicker decisions. This is a great skill to develop in the busy modern world.

Here’s an interesting fact: Your mind has to distinguish a Good Decision from a Bad Decision. It does this by representing that decision (Memory Picture) in a specific location in space, usually in front of you to the left or right.

You can easily become aware of your own decision making thought patterns by thinking about a good decision you made; Maybe you decided to buy a great gadget and you were pleased you did! And then think about a bad decision you made, nothing major, something such as deciding to go to the movies and it turned out to be rubbish.

decision-making-techniquesNow what you want to do is alternate between thinking about the good decision verses the bad decision and notice how they are located in different locations in space. One is probably more to the left or to the right? Is one nearer or further away from you?

This is very useful information. It’s the way your unconscious mind codes your memories to instantly distinguish a good decision from a bad decision.

With this knowledge we can now tap into this unconscious processing mechanism, allowing us to make intuitive decisions in a snap! If you were to think about an upcoming decision you are going to have to make, what options or choices come to mind? Think about each choice, one at a time, and notice where they are located in space. The one that is nearest your Good Decision Location is the best option to choose at this moment in time.

So go ahead now and practice thinking about a few more upcoming decisions you need to make, noticing the locations in space.

Fast Intuitive Decision Making Technique 

1. Notice where you locate in space a Good Decision verses a Bad Decision you made. Is one more to the left or right? Is one near or further away from you?

2. Now think about an upcoming decision you will have to make. Think about the options or choices you have and become aware of where those choices are located in space.

3. The choice nearest to your Good Decision Location is the best option to take at this moment in time.

Remember your unconscious mind knows a lot more than your conscious ego mind does. Decision making techniques like the one above enables you to tap into the power of your unconscious resources resulting in quicker, more intuitive decision making results. So by making a habit of noticing where your choices for decisions are located in space, you will develop the habit of being able to choose the best option, leading to more consistent good decisions.

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