Effective Problem Solving Techniques

effective-problem-solving-techniquesEvery day of our lives we have to solve problems. It could be money issues, work problems, travel issues, anything at all – every day has a new task we have to work our way through which can make things more stressful. If you are in a management position or are self employed, you will find that you are constantly dealing with new sets of problems.

Although most of us can get a solution to a problem, it’s often just to try and force back the problem rather than dealing with it completely. Knowledge of the situation is obviously a good way to finding the problem, as well as having experience in that type of situation – but what do you do when you come across a problem you cannot solve?

Well there are several steps you should take to dealing with a problem you simply cannot locate the answer for. If you are currently struggling with a specific problem then consider trying out these problem solving techniques that could help you gain useful solutions:


A hugely popular and important part of any functional problem solving process, brainstorming is getting a group of people who can realistically contribute to the problem to give out potential ideas and solutions.

This means that more than one person is taking a look at every potential solution or suggestion, making it much easier to arrive at the root of the problem.

There could be something so simple that would fix the problem easily just staring you in the face, so if you can have as many people as possible looking at the problem, somebody might be able to see the obvious solution.

Alternatively, it could be a tiny problem that will only be solved with a few minds going around in circles looking at everything in full detail – brainstorming creates debates which in themselves can create answers and solutions.




SWOT, otherwise known as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Techniques, is another hugely popular form of brainstorming or problem solving. A group of people who know a lot about the subject all sit together and make a comprehensive list to match the above – this means you can get an entire look at the problem as a whole and perhaps by listing all of these pro’s and con’s together, you can see some form of correlation between the problem and a solution.

Not only can it help you weigh out the best potential solutions that should be attempted, you can also see the strengths and weaknesses of each solution more comprehensively if they are listed back to back with each other.

Developing your problem solving skills is a very worthwhile practice because problems effect all aspects of life, from your personal to professional life. Using Problem Solving Techniques like the one’s mentioned above you can become adept at finding solutions to all of life’s challenges.

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