7 Effective Communication Skills For Good Relationships



Effective communication skills are important when you want to put your point across in a relationship. Relationships break down because of misunderstandings in communication. Good communication skills in relationships will help you maintain and cherish them for a long time. What follows are a few tips that can help you practice effective communication skills to improve your relationships.


7 Communication Tips For Better Relationships:

  1. Start with a compliment. Make sure that you direct the compliment towards your partner in the right manner. Also make sure that the compliment is valid and realistic otherwise it will make your partner think that you are being sarcastic. A nice compliment will make your partner lend you his/her ears.
  2. Keeping positive is the key to effective communication in relationships. If you can keep positive in your conversations it will help put your partner at ease. Negative feelings and complaints never do any good in a relationship.
  3. Making your partner laugh is usually a good idea. Make humour your best friend and use it whenever you feel like the conversation is going towards an argument. If you are able to make your partner smile or laugh, it will bring out all the happy memories the both of you have had together.
  4. Speaking from anger will never help. If you want your partner to listen then you’ll have to show some respect by using a decent and calm tone in the conversation. You have to value your partner if you want the relationship to last and the communication to improve.
  5. Think before speaking! You don’t want to blurt something out that would either deeply hurt or infuriate your partner. You cannot take back spoken words, so if the topic is important to you, think and organize in your mind what you are going to say first.
  6. effective-communication-skillsMake sure that the conversation is relevant from the point f view of your partner. Make it interactive too by asking your partner for comments and feedback.
  7. Lastly be a good listener yourself, because that is what you expect from your partner.

So follow these simple tips for effective communication skills and you’ll start seeing improvements in your relationships.

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7 Effective Communication Skills For Good Relationships

  1. unity3 says:

    I agree communication is one of the most important factors in establishing and maintaining a good relationship.

    Did you know 80% of communication lies in nonverbal cues, 15% in tone, and only 5% lies in the actual words? Do you focus only on the words and miss the meaning completely?

  2. awes1397 says:

    That’s a really good point, thanks for that. There’s a lot you can learn from observing people’s body language…

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