Effective Communication Skills Exercises



Ever since the human race came into existence, we have been communicating with our community either verbally or non-verbally. With the advent of speech and language, communication gave us complex systems to talk and get our messages across to others.

Close relationships can suffer from a lack of communication or misunderstandings. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for us to understand that the closer the relationship, the better communication it demands.

What follows are some simple and effective communication skills exercises that can help you develop your people skills:

Mirror The Body Language

Most people do not understand the effectiveness of body language. Good body language can be a way for you to make yourself and others feel comfortable. For this, simply start mirroring the body language of the person you wish to talk to. This signals that you are interested and the communication may then take place. Even during verbal communication, you can keep doing this for improved results.



Play Word Ball

This game is quite interesting and is often considered good for starting conversations with new people. Throw the ball and say a word. The person who gets the ball then says something that relates to that word and throws the ball again. In groups, when your focus is on someone special, you can throw the ball towards them and wait for a response. This way, good communication is established. Example starting words could be, “Sun / Sunshine.”

The Mirror Communication Skills Exercise

This is one of the most popular forms of exercise that may help you understand the value of good communication skills. Two people are chosen in this exercise. One has to speak and the other has to act out everything that the first person says. This will help the first person understand that he needs to speak slowly and chose good words for the second person to understand. Similarly, the second person understands the value of spoken words and takes his time to process everything being said.

Remember, good communications skills are the foundation of all your relationships and you need to make sure that the things you do strengthen your relationships.

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