Developing Courage And Self Confidence

Many people in the world, based on our social structure, underrate their own abilities. At school, children are made to focus on external sources for justification that they’re useful human beings in society. They mature and are convinced that their individual values rely upon other people’s approval about looks, family background, grades and so on. Courageousness is the ability to have an unstoppable sense of being able to overcome your fears. There are various ways that can assist you in developing courage and self-confidence:

  • Dressing sharp improves your physical and personal appearance; Ensure you wear clean, and fashionable clothes, shave frequently and take a shower daily.
  • Your walking style can demonstrate whether you are confident or not. People observing your walking style can judge how you feel about yourself. Is it slow and tired? Or is it fast and energetic? People who are confident walk fast, and seem to know where they are going.
  • Improve your confidence by practicing excellent posture when walking, standing or sitting. Adopt confident body language. Keep your head up and stand straight-up; This makes you feel more empowered and alert. Lethargic and slumped shoulders show a lack of confidence.
  • Compliment yourself and other people. Stop the idea of negative thoughts about yourself which we pass to others through gossip and insults. Praising people around you will help in breaking the cycle of negativity. When you look for the best in other people, you indirectly draw out the best in yourself.
  • During group discussion, speak up with a deeper and more confident voice without the fear of being judged by others. Develop courage to contribute to the conversation so that you may learn how to be a good public speaker in the future.
  • Keep your thoughts organised all the time especially during public speaking. Well-clarified and organised thoughts make you feel more confident and courageous in front of an audience. Enjoy learning tips from others to assist you in overcoming fear when addressing a gathering.
  • Make reading a habit so that you gain more knowledge on different subjects. In the long run, you become conversant in many areas and achieve wider frames of reference.

Aristotle suggests that courage is the means between recklessness and fear. You have to control and master your fear to become resolute and stronger. Courage is part of the way to overcome feelings of low confidence and low self esteem. Overcoming fear is essential in accomplishing your lifetime goals and dreams, and taking action is an effective way to conquer self-doubt.

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