Dealing With Anxiety And Stress Within 90 Seconds!

Feelings of anxiety and stress are caused by the mind contemplating fearful outcomes. Of course much of this cognition is outside of our awareness;  Sub-Conscious.

One of the ways of dealing with anxiety and stress is to switch brain hemispheres. According to Neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor, whenever we are in states of fear, most of our brain activity is occuring in the left hemisphere.

dealing with anxiety and stress

So if you do something that gets your right brain functioning, it means you are going to reduce the anxiety and stress. This can be surprisingly simple once you know how…

Recently I heard an excellent interview with Genie Z. Laborde who has been involved with Neuro-Linguistic Programming over three decades and wrote the best selling NLP book, “Influencing With Integrity.”

I discovered the following technique from listening to Genie and it really is simple! She has tested it with hundreds of clients and it has taught them how to deal with stress and how to deal with anxiety.


She recently put up an article on her blog titled, “Right Brain Breakthrough for Balance,” where she explains some of the differences between the two brain hemispheres.

“There is no fear in the Right Brain. The Left Brain is designed to keep you safe so is full of fear. Being in the NOW is the key to using the Right Brain. The simplest and easiest to execute move is focusing on your body”

Below the is the simple method for dealing with anxiety and dealing with stress that will bring you back into your right brain and ‘The Now.’


Your Big Toe Joe!

1. You find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, worried, fearful or panicky.

2. Begin to notice the feeling in your left big toe. Just notice how it feels.

3. Now notice the feeling of your foot.

4. Gradually move up your body noticing the sensations in the different parts of your body.

5. Within 90 seconds your fearful feelings will have subsided!


I have been experimenting with it for a few weeks and I’m pleased to say it really does work. It brings your attention back into the present moment and switches on your right brain circuits. “The Power of Now” in action!

The only thing is you’ve got to remember to do it! So I suggest you write a reminder on a card and carry that in your pocket. I’d love to hear about your experience with this brilliant little ‘Awesome Mind Secret!’

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Dealing With Anxiety And Stress Within 90 Seconds!

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