Dealing With Anxiety And Stress Using Humour & Laughter

In this short article I’m going to try and prove to you that using humour and laughter is one of the best ways for effectively dealing with anxiety and stress.


I believe, along with many other people, including medical doctors, that humour and laughter are one of the quickest escape routes out of states of anxiety and stress.

A stressed out brain lacks blood and therefore oxygen in the frontal lobes. That’s why you can’t think clearly, the ‘brain fuel’ has left the brain and is flowing through your muscles instead; The flight or flight response.

If you were to stop for a moment and allow yourself to indulge in a pleasant memory of a wonderful holiday experience, what’s that like?

It’s likley the location you were in was more simple than your everyday life. Maybe you were on a beach relaxing with the sounds of the ocean, feeling the warmth of the sun baking down on you or maybe you were surrounded by beautiful scenery with panoramic views.

The point being most of our normal life is lived in very busy, stressful, polluted environments. So obviously it’s no surprise we have difficulty dealing with anxiety and stress in those kinds of circumstances.

But how can we deal effectively with the reality of everyday stress? There are different ways but the use of humour and laughter is one of the quickest and easiest routes.

When you are feeling anxious about an upcoming event, one way of understanding it is that you are being over-serious about some aspect. This narrow focus is what causes the stress response.

Have you ever had an experience where someone was really rude to you, maybe a total stranger, and it irritated you? Yet the next day or a few days or weeks later you actually found the ‘funny side’ of it.

Isn’t that an amazing capability of the mind! Can you imagine if you were able to consciously use this ‘humourising mechanism’ to find the ‘funny side’ of any future stressful event before it had happened, wouldn’t that be useful?

With proven techniques you can indeed learn how to re-program your mind to deal with stress utilising the power of humour. And it is surprisingly simple when you discover the secrets which can be learned and applied literally within minutes.

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