Building A Brighter Future With NLP Timelines

The mind has to know how to differentiate between memories from the distant past, things from yesterday and thoughts about what’s going to happen in the future. So how does your mind do this? A couple of decades ago, the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, observed the systematic behaviour people exhibit for accessing their memories & thoughts and the way in which they distinguish specific time information.

This discovery became known as; Your Personal Timeline. Your memories are organised on an imaginary Timeline. Many people have the past behind them with memories from the distant past way off behind. The present is right there at their finger tips and the future goes off out in front of them.

Your mind accesses thought-forms from the Timeline and this is one of the ways it knows if it is from the past, present or future. This usually operates outside of your conscious awareness. However by making use of this knowledge you can consciously use them to your advantage for cool stuff like brightening up your future!

Building A Brighter Future With NLP Timelines

  • If you were to think about your future now, where would you point? (It’s probably in front of you, straight ahead or maybe going off to the left or right.) Good.
  • Now think about an upcoming event one week from now and point to where it is on your future timeline. Do the same with a similar event one month from today and then an event one year from today. Notice the events all at once and get a sense of your Timeline.
  • Now you can brighten your future simply by transforming the way you represent it. Looking at your future Timeline imagine increasing the brightness… What happens if you broaden your future? Simply make your Timeline wider. And what happen’s when you sprinkle some magical gold and silver sparkles into the Timeline? Really make it GLOW!
  • Think about your favourite pet or animal and allow yourself to feel that warm feeling at the heart… Now if you were to give that feeling a colour, what colour would it be? Looking at your future Timeline imagine sending this warm energy colour from your heart into your future(s). Allow that colour to permeate your Timeline as you also increase the brightness – There you go!

Personal Timelines are a great thing to play around with. You can do some powerful change-work when you learn how to utilise them properly. With simple techniques like those above you are actually programming your subconscious mind. Along with the warm heart energy above what other resource states could you use for building a brighter future?

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