Broken Heart Advice: How To Heal A Broken Heart

Looking for ways to mend a broken heart and bring yourself back into the real world? You have come to the right place, then. The heart is a delicate thing and it wants what it wants; We cannot decide who we love, or who we don’t. It just happens, and when somebody your heart aches for wants nothing to do with you it can be a seriously difficult thing to get over. It’s a tough place to be for many people, and rejection can leave you thinking about doing things you usually wouldn’t.

The first thing that you need to do to put yourself on the winning track is to forge forward through the problem, not around. Avoiding the person who hurt you is not going to make things easier. If you need to see this person regularly, start treating them with a new outlook. They don’t want your heart, so why should you give them more attention or care than anybody else gets? Don’t let yourself fall into a trap whereby you can still be at this person’s beck and call. It might be nice to think that you could both be friends afterwards but it rarely works out. Is it worth constantly feeling like you are hanging around waiting?

A broken heart can only be healed when you truly decide to move forward and look elsewhere. The easiest way to do this is to simply move beyond the dark thoughts. When you are in your weak moments, it’s important to remind yourself of this – you got here through dealing with adversity, and you only need to do the same again tomorrow.

Three Simple Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

1. Focus on the Abundance of Love in Your Life Already

Place your hands on your heart while thinking about all the love that is already in your life; Friends, family, pets, music, food, nature, books, art…

2. Stop Obsessing About Them With, The Shrink & Blink

A) Do you find yourself obsessing about your lost love? When you think about that person, notice the image that comes to mind.

B) Now put a frame around that image and send it off into the distance. Notice it shrinking down into a small picture, like a postage stamp or even as small as a single dot.

C) Blink it on and off black and white really fast. Like a strobe light.

D) Do it again. See the image, put a frame around it and then send it off into the distance really quickly and shrink it down to a dot and then blink it black and white really fast!

3. Use Energy EFT Tapping to Reduce the Pain

A broken heart can feel very painful. You can use techniques such as EFT to reduce the heartache and instead replace those negative feelings with positive resourceful feelings.

There’s nothing that can come from a broken heart that will finish you off – with enough determination to live and love again, you can move on from the most stunning and difficult of heartbreaks. Remind yourself how good love feels, and you can discover it elsewhere.

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